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Hello, I’m Emily!
It is a blog site that aims to express the problems that are frequently encountered in daily life, to convey detailed and important information about unity, and most importantly, to convey this profession with a bright future for our young people in detail and to increase the source of motivation.

Why am I writing?

To convey all the experiences I know about software and game development and most importantly, to express how important this profession is.

Blog content and details:

As we know, for someone who is just starting out, his first priority is “How do I make a game?” is saying. This is what our short and clear blog content is. Unity 2D or unity 3d is the best and most understandable game development program, no matter what. We basically transfer the details of this and the necessary transaction information. On the professional side, we share games and games made with the Unreal engine and ue4.5. We also include some important detailed information about unity.
Since we mainly share over unity, I started to share an article under the name of error solution in detail, how to solve the error solutions at the beginning level.

Sharing layout

I regularly share the article with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 per day. If you want to make an article or any other suggestion, feel free to contact me.

Content titles I frequently share:

  • Unity 3D.
  • Articles on unity 2D basics for beginners.
  • Substantial tutorials on Unity.
  • Testing games made with Unreal engine and market system.
  • Demonstration of tutorial software information about Unity 2D / 3D. Teaching the completely free and detailed installations of the provided software.

What content do we share?

As the Gameplay Developer team, we provide detailed information about all the content we share on our website. We have detailed content especially on Unity 3D and Google products.

Unity 3D

With Unity 3D, the world’s most popular game development program, you will be able to start developing games for free. We offer detailed content on Unity 3D and Unity 2D on our website. As an example, what is unity 3d, will we be able to earn money with unity? Will we be able to develop mobile games with Unity? We have important detailed content such as. Unity 3D is generally the most preferred development program for android devices. In particular, you will be able to profit from integrating with Admob.

Unreal Engine

It is undoubtedly the game development program with the highest resolution and graphics presentation. You can start developing high-resolution games with the Unreal engine. If you start earning at some points, you may have to pay 5%. Unreal Engine 4 and 5 are generally preferred for computer games.

Google Adsense

With Google Adsense, which allows us to make money, you will be able to earn high amounts of money. If you have a website, you can earn high amounts of money with Adsense. On our website, we have content about what is Adsense, Adsense Problems, and its solution by expressing the problems you have with Google Adsense. According to what is known, Google Adsense earns more than other competitors. For more detailed information, you can check the Google Adsense category.

Google Admob

If you have a mobile game or application, you must use Google AdMob. If your app or game you develop does not violate Google Admob Policy, you can earn high earnings with Google Admob. Of course, let’s not forget to advertise with Google Adwords. For this, we will transfer important information to you with Unity 3D and Google Admob, which we focus on as the Gameplay Developer team.

About - Gameplay Developer
About – Gameplay Developer

Google Adwords

It is Google’s best Advertising product. If you do not know about AdWords, be sure to check the Google Adwords category. If you have a website, an application, and a game, and finally, if you have a Youtube channel, you will be able to achieve high hits with Google Adwords. With AdWords, you can get more efficient results with a detailed report. Don’t forget to check the Adwords category for this. Because we share the most important details continuously. You will suffer a high amount of damage as a result of incorrect and non-optimized advertising. For this, I recommend you to check the Adwords category. You can also achieve high profits as a result of advanced optimization for e-commerce, applications, games, and the like.


Please contact me for content suggestions, bug reports, legal issues, content issues, general website-related questions. Thank you for using the “Features” category!

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