Why Admob Ads Not Showing? What Is The Solution? (2021)

Google Admob ads don’t appear on My Device? So what could be the main reasons for this? We will have detailed information about this. So Why Are Admob Ads Not Showing? How to resolve the common Admob limited ad serving error?

admob ads not showing? google admob.

When you add ads to your new app or game, we encounter some errors. Because of these errors, Admob advertising does not appear. Or the error may not be caused by us, but by Google AdMob. In situations like this, the first thing we need to do is calm down. It’s about deciding what to do next.

  • Test your Internet connection.
  • Use Google Admob control IDs. Click here for Test IDs.

If the ads still do not appear, there are errors in the codes or the Admob SDK. When we run the application or game, we will find a solution by looking at the errors on the console screen. You can use logcat to reach the console screen.

If you’re an affiliate marketer or an application owner, chances are that your application and every page on it is not showing any Admob ads. While some ad networks will let you advertise without displaying ads, these are not the ones that you want to be using for your application. Here is what these ads are doing and why: -The most common reason that Admob not showing test ads on your pages is that they are banned by the network. Other networks have different rules, but most of them have no ads’ policy.

So, What is Google AdMob?

Google AdMob is a platform that permits app and recreation builders to make cash. Money may be earned thru an app or recreation evolved thru ads. Developers make cash now no longer with the aid of using the range of downloads of the app, however with the aid of using the range of perspectives and clicks of ads.

This system, which may acquire pretty excessive profits with the aid of using growing viewing site visitors to use suitable marketing and marketing formats, is absolutely freed from charge.

For more important information like this, I recommend that you check out the AdMob article, down to 4,000 words of fine detail: What is AdMob? How it Works & How To Use It?

Why Admob Test Ads Not Showing?

Let’s not forget that it has dozens or even endless and unknown problems. One of the main reasons Admob Ads Not Showing is that you have just published your app. No matter how smoothly you’ve tested apps and games that you’ve developed with Unity 3D or Android Studio, things change when it comes to AdMob. It would be good to wait a minimum of 7 days for AdMob ads to appear in the first place.

AdMob Main Reasons For Not Showing Ads:

  • You need to publish your app in the Play Store or App Store.
  • After publishing your app, it takes 1 Week.
  • Make sure that you do not make any errors with the code during development.
  • Your AdMob account may have advertising restrictions.
  • The Lack Of Your Internet Connection. (Stable)
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These are the main reasons Admob Ads Not Showing Unity. The solution is explained at the bottom.

Admob Ads Not Showing Solution:

  • Add your developed app and game to Google AdMob.
  • Be sure to receive up-to-date ad unit codes.
  • Check the policy tab in your Google AdMob account. If there are no advertising restrictions, the process here is finished.
  • If the Test ID ran successfully during application development, use the actual IDs.
  • Publish your app in the Play Store or App Store.
  • Make sure that at least 5 days have passed since your application was approved.

As you can see, the solution is at a level that can be taken care of very easily. If your Admob account does not have advertising restrictions, doing what you are told will be a solution. In general, two important issues are not paid attention to.

Application Not Published

The app or game you develop, you definitely need to publish it in the Play Store or App Store and test the ads like this. Your ads will not appear unless you do this. Also be sure to wait at least 5 days, as you publish the app or Game. Advertising takes 1 week to show. (for new AdMob account and new app developers only)

New AdMob account

It’s one of the biggest problems. If your AdMob account is new and you have made the necessary installations wait at least 1 Week. It takes a long time for ads to appear on New Admob accounts. This is not AdSense, the Admob ad representation process is a bit long.

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