Who are the founders of AdMob? What is AdMob? – 2022

Have you been wondering about AdMob founders? Thanks to the founders of AdMob, its relationship with AdSense was severed, and Admob was developed with a focus on mobile users.

google admob founders
Admob Founders

Admob, which used to be unrelated to AdSense, has recently been receiving significant investment. Thanks to its founders, Admob is disconnected from Adsense. After these operations, Adsense is now preferred for websites and Admob is now preferred for mobile applications.

Admob Founders

AdMob mobile advertising company was founded in 2006 by Omar Hamoui, who was born in the American state of Florida. Omar Hamoui’s first main goal was to cut off his relationship with Adsense and create a focused advertising company for mobile applications. Thanks to this goal, Adsense and AdMob were able to disconnect and keep the user experience at the highest level.

omar hamoui admob ceo
Admob’s CEO Omar Hamoui

AdMob is an advertising company that has almost no competitors today. It is known as one of the main goals. While Google Admob is developing more and more every day, its connection to Adsense has been completely severed.

What Is AdMob?

AdMob is an advertising company founded for Mobile (Android and IOS) devices, the main purpose of which is. The installation and integrated operations of AdMob, the main purpose of which is this, are much more difficult than Google Adsense. The advertising company that Mobile Game developers use most often is Google AdMob.

Admob pays more than other advertising companies. Admob pulls ads from Google Adwords and some contracted companies. For this reason, it shows the ads with the highest impressions and fees.

Admob is completely free to use. In addition, its integrated operations have been made fully compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine, and Android Studio. For more details, see “What is AdMob? What does AdMob Do?” you can browse its contents.

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