AdMob is ____ – (2021) AdMob Make Money!

What do you think AdMob is ____ What is AdMob? Earning High Earnings with AdMob! AdMob can be ____! There are many advertising and advertising methods used by advertisers on the Internet to bring their ideas, products, sites, and companies to the largest number of consumers and the public. The broker’s benefits display these ads on their sites or the application. This is the most practical way to earn money from AdMob ads.

admob is
admob is ____ - (2021) admob make money! 2

What Is, Admob is ____?

Admob is ____ a service provided by Google and is considered an intermediary between advertisers and app owners and is similar in working principle to Google AdSense, The difference is that AdMob is for mobile apps. After creating an app, the app owner registers on the AdMob website, gets the Ad code, and puts it in their app.

And when anyone uses your app, the ad is shown to the user, The owner of the App earns money for the number of times the user clicks or views the ad. You may have noticed that ads appear in some apps you use. AdMob is easy because you don’t have to build the ad unit by screen and then specify the dimensions and size (like AdSense). After all, it happens automatically.

Admob is ____?

  1. Monetization Application.
  2. Application Promotion ad format.
  3. Google’s product is a system that allows you to make money from Android apps and games.
  4. Ad Extension.

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