Game Developer Salary (Weekly, Monthly, and Annual) – 2021

game developer salary job

Game Developer salary generally varies from country to country. So what is the monthly or annual salary of a game developer with advanced knowledge? Game developer salaries vary depending on the company you work for. How Much Does a Game Developer Make? Salaries of game developers vary depending on the size, scope, and type of game they are creating. But when deciding on the salaries of game developers, it is important to take into account …

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How to Become a Software Engineer Without a Degree?

how to become a software engineer without a degree

As we all know, technology has spread to every area of our lives. So, How to Become a Software Engineer Without a Degree? Although many people are in the consumer part of this technology, there are also people in the producer part who do this as a profession. Considering that technology takes the place of real professions day by day, we can easily say that it is a profession that will never go extinct. For …

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What is a Software Development? What are the Stages?

what is a software development

What is a Software Development? We can explain the concept as follows. We can call the software development process for the regular development process through software sequential phases. In software development, things do not end with just writing code. At the same time, software requirements, goals, what will be used where design and software realization processes need to be realized. It also examines certain purposes and applications of software development processes. Nowadays, with the concept …

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Best Software Engineer Career Path (2021)

software engineer career path

We have to plan not only in software but in all areas of our lives. For the Software Engineer Career Path, Only the right and almost complete and seriously executed plans take us to the goal we want. Of course, we must have a good target for this. We also have to trust ourselves, because the people who are in the position we want right now are all people who have made an effort to …

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How does Software Development work? (2021)

how does software development work

Before software development, a serious background should be developed. How does Software Development work? When it is said, it is necessary to be in unity. Today’s software developers have achieved great success in this way. Software developers work in the background in a unified and focused manner to solve problems 24/7. It is very difficult for a single person to solve mistakes on high projects. For this reason, it has been observed that they constantly …

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How to Become a Game Developer? (2021) Making Games From Scratch

how to become a game developer

How to become a game developer from scratch? For this, you will be able to become a game developer within 1 year or even in a short time depending on your continuous work by following the following steps. The technology that develops with the development of humanity is evolving more than we can imagine with the reason I say evolution is because technology is developing so fast that we cannot predict what it will look …

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Unity 3D Game Development For Beginners

unity 3d game development

In this article, you will have detailed information about Unity 3d game development. While game development has become popular recently, you can start developing games in a short time with unity 3d. During Unity 3d game development, I will convey to you in detail the important information and the problems you will experience. Today, while unity 3d game development is becoming popular, we have the potential to advance in terms of software and design at …

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