Google ads app settings and setup

Reading Google ads app settings and setup
Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid online advertising platform offered by Google. It allows your ads to be displayed on Google searches, partner websites or YouTube. Google initially renamed its advertising platform Google AdWords to Google Ads in 2018.

Why should you choose Google Ads?

According to statistics, Google dominates about 75% of the search engine market share, and 3.5 billion searches are made on Google daily. This opens many opportunities for your business to increase web traffic, leads, conversions and sales.

Cost of advertising on Google?

Google frees you up entirely on your advertising budget. Your monthly advertising budgets may be very high, but you can also advertise for low prices if you wish. You will be charged only for users who click on your ads on the Google search network. If your ads are shown but not clicked, there will be no costs whatsoever.

How to advertise in Google AdWords?

In order to advertise with Google Ads, you must first have a gmail account. You can create an Account here.

Create a gmail account, then you need to register with this gmail account in the google ads panel. Google ads, the screen you will see

On this screen, you will see, by pressing the + start now button, you will create a new ad panel. This process is created automatically by google.

Google Ads

You can continue the panel by selecting the details you need on this screen. If you do not have information about AdWords setup and you have information about using the panel or if you want to advertise in an area that is heavily attacked, continue by checking the “switch to expert mode” option.

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How much will I pay for ad clicks?

Google ads work with an auction model. Separate auctions are held for each search query made on Google, and the advertisers currently included in the auction are listed in the search results according to their ad ranking score. Your ad rank scores determine your CPC bid and quality score for each keyword. If no other advertiser is entering the auction on the keyword you want to advertise, you will pay as much as your maximum bid per click.

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