Free Google Ads Promo Code (2021)

Reading Free Google Ads Promo Code (2021)

With the Google Ads Promo code, it is possible to run ads for free. So where can I find the Google Ads Promo code? The answer is actually very simple. Thanks to the AdWords Promo code, you can create a test campaign, in addition, it is possible to run advertisements for free. You can only benefit from the promotional code if the required conditions are fulfilled.

google ads promo code
google ads promo code

With the Promo Code, the only way to advertise on Google Ads for free, you can make your promotions free of charge for a certain fee. You may need a new Gmail account to get the Google Ads promo code. These are completely legal and provided free of charge. I strongly recommend that you do not buy promo codes that are sold for a fee on the Internet.

You may need a new Gmail account as the first priority in order to get a free and legal promo code. As you know, when a new account is opened through AdWords, there are some campaigns. The first priority for this is to get a new Gmail account. We open a Google Ads account immediately after obtaining the Gmail account. We associate Google Analytics for test purposes with the ads account we open. You will receive a $100 promotional code at your Gmail address 1 day later. This only applies to new Gmail accounts.

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Immediately after the 1-day break, you will receive a $100 promotional amount in your Gmail account. The terms are that you have to define the promo code within 25 days and spend a precise $25.

Claim a free $150 Promo Code

This process is actually very simple. It is the place to request the free promo code offered by AdWords. You will be able to spend $150 for free. You have to spend 150 dollars within 1 month after defining certain conditions and the Google Ads promotional code to your Ads account. When you spend 150 dollars, 150 dollars will be defined in your Ads account within 1 month!

google adwords promo code
google adwords promo code

Claim the free $150 Promotional Code:

  • Log in to the Official Google Ads website now: Click now
  • A single page will appear before you.
  • The resulting page includes how to get a $150 coupon free of charge, details of the campaign, and the necessary conditions.

Enter your email address just below “Start today and get $150 in ad credit“, click the “Get the offer code” button and your Gmail address will be received in 1 minute.

For Google Ads, $100 Promo Code, try to open a Google My Business account

ads promotion code
ads promotion code

Thanks to Google My Business, you can only have 1 promo code per 1 Gmail. Usually, My Business registration is made for Google ads promotion code, the reason is that free $100 and $300 Promo code is given on “My Business”. This usually varies 100% depending on your country and currency.

Since Google Ads promo code 2021 is frequently searched, this is the most suitable method for you. Because a free Promo Code is provided, such as get $100 for spending $25 *. It is known as the only way to get the simplest and most profitable promo code. This can be done legally and free of charge. Google already provides these free credits for your business. Of course, we can’t use these free credits elsewhere, right? For this, you definitely need to open a test business account through My Business.

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You will see the “$xxx” amount on the Homepage immediately after opening a business account and making the necessary setups. In addition, you will be directed to your Ads account and you will be able to define your AdWords account that you are actively using automatically or manually.

  • Sign in via Google My Business.
  • Open a business account for testing purposes.
  • It will ask for the necessary information during installation.
  • During the installation, you definitely need to define a website.
  • After the installation is complete, you will see your Google Ads Promo code on the Business Homepage.
  • After the necessary transactions, you can define your Ads account free of charge.
  • It is possible to delete the Business account you have opened later.

Free Advertising with Google Ads

It is among the frequently wondered topics. Of course, thanks to this Google Ads Promo code, it is possible to run ads for free, but as long as you do not fulfill the requirements, you should definitely forget this job. In addition, while reading this article, I recommend you to take a look at the important Google Ads Management and importantly campaign setting and optimization article.

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