How to Cancel an Order?

    Especially after the pandemic period, it started to be used as Getir in a few parts of the world, especially in our country. The platform …

    How to Cancel an Order?

    Especially after the pandemic period, it started to be used as Getir in a few parts of the world, especially in our country. The platform, which allows you to receive more than one piece of art you want delivered to your door in minutes, and to shop without moving from your place, is now closing the time to buy something from the market or grocery store. Not only the market, but thanks to Getir, you can even order food from the places around you. In fact, we have the opportunity to quickly solve many of our daily needs through Getir. But sometimes we make mistakes. For example, we may have placed an incorrect order on Getir, and we may have to give up on the order we placed. In a case of this form Bring order cancelIf you’re wondering what you need to do for it, slowly scroll down.

    When we are distracted, we can make some imperfect processes. The easiest of these is to place the wrong order. Not only can we give up the wrong order, but we can also give up on orders from time to time. In such situations, we need to know what to do. We have told you what to do in these procedural situations. If you wish, without further ado, Bring order cancelLet’s move on to our guide.

    First, is it possible to cancel an order with Bring?

    First of all, Bring You may be wondering if you can cancel your orders. You can cancel the orders you place on Getir as long as you provide a valid and valuable reason. In order to cancel your order, you must have some valid reasons. We have listed these reasons for you below. If you repeatedly cancel orders through Getir, there is a possibility that your Getir account will be closed. Because, when Getir confirms frequently returning orders, it has the authority to close your account without asking you.

    How to cancel an order, what should I do?

    First of all, you need to have a valid reason. For example, there must be reasons such as the delay of the order, the fact that you have to leave your current position, and the wrong order. Otherwise, if you cancel an order several times without showing a real relationship, your Getir account may be closed completely. In order to cancel the order you placed on Getir, you need to contact customer service. After getting in touch, let us know that you want to cancel your order and that you want to cancel. Later on fetch customer serviceIf approved by you, your order may be cancelled.

    +90 (850) 532 50 50 After calling the number, complete the steps and proceed to customer service. Tell the customer service representative who contacts you later that you want to cancel your order. As long as your relationship is approved, your order will be canceled immediately.

    Will the price be refunded after I cancel the order?

    After canceling your Getir order, your money will not be deposited directly into your account. Getir will send your money directly to your account after your return request. However, due to the banks, the deposit of the money in your account varies in the middle of 1 to 8 working days. Within a maximum of 8 working days, your price refunded by Getir will be deposited in your bank account. if 8 working days If it has expired and your money has not been deposited in your account, you must first contact Getir customer service. If the situation is not due to Getir, you can inquire by calling the customer service of the bank you work for.

    Reasons for canceling an order:

    • Not available at the address you ordered
    • Ordering wrong
    • Delay of order

    Not available at the address you ordered

    For example, you placed an order for your residence. But there was an emergency and you had to leave the house before the order arrived. swiftly Bring When you call customer service and explain the situation, your order will be canceled quickly. However, in these stylistic situations, you need to call Getir as quickly as possible. After the order arrives at your door, your call will not be wrong.

    Ordering wrong

    You want to eat doner kebab, but you ordered ezkaza lahmacun. Minutes after ordering Bring You need to call and tell them that you have placed the wrong order and therefore you want to cancel your order. If the Getir customer service confirms it later, your order will be cancelled. You can place your new order quickly and simply afterwards.

    Delay of order

    If the time stated on the order you have placed and more has passed, cancel your order You have the right. For example, if the delivery time is 15-20 minutes and 40 minutes have passed since you placed the order, you can cancel your order by contacting the customer service again from the same number.

    The 3 easy examples above will suffice to cancel your order from Getir. To summarize, in order to cancel the order, you need to have a valuable relationship. For this reason, you cannot always give up your order. because this Bring If detected by you, your account may be closed. Therefore, be careful not to cancel orders frequently and have valid reasons.

    For you Bring order cancel We answered the steps and the question of how to get a refund. When you want to cancel an order via Getir, it will be enough to follow the above steps. Have you ever canceled an order from Getir? If you did, don’t forget to state your reasons below.


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