How to Make a Game With Scratch? – 2021

Learning How to Make a Game With Scratch is a very interesting and rewarding process. With the advent of mobile games, people all over the world are trying to take advantage of this huge game industry by developing and selling new games. Different platforms and operating systems are sometimes designed differently, but they are all based on the same basic concepts.

how to make a game with scratch?

You need to learn to write code in a minimal language, especially when you want to customize the appearance. Programming is the foundation of game development. This is how you can learn how to create a game from scratch through programming.

This guide will take you through some basic principles of game development. It shows you the general steps you need to take to understand how to create your own game and explains the different programming languages ​​used to create games. On different platforms Finally, if you really want to learn how to create a game from scratch, here are some other things you need to know.

Game Development With the Scratch: Game Design

Before getting into hands-on games, it is important to consider the difference between game development and game design. Please note that you need two people to learn how to create a game by yourself.

Simply put, video game design is the artistic creation of games. Game developers spend time thinking about new aspects of their games. Explore what the game should look like, how it responds to specific conditions, and what needs to be created. So the game is optimal.

On the other hand, the game developer or programmer is responsible for writing the code needed by the game to accomplish what it should do. In the rest of this tutorial, we will focus on the operating method part of development, but remember that you must design the game before programming. In addition, the game designer and developer can be the same person. When you make a simple game, the development and design process can go hand in hand.

What Are the Steps Taken While Making a Game in Scratch?

what are the steps taken while making a game in scratch?

Developing your own game can be daunting at first. You may want to quit your job and give the job to a game development expert, but my advice is not to do this, you should learn the basics of game development. It’s not as difficult as you think.

This is a very general walkthrough that will guide you through the game. Although this process is different from the type and platform of the game you are trying to create, you will understand the basic stages of the work.

Step 1: Do Research And Determine Your Game

The first thing to do when developing a game is to decide which game to play. Research and learn the skills and functions required to create this game.

If you really want to learn how to play, I will provide you with some introductory techniques before you continue. For example, if you want to develop a 2D RPG, what is Unity? What’s your job? I suggest you read our article.

If you say, “No, I mean this is not a game, I think it’s more like a puzzle game or a word game”, then you are learning how to combine the mobile game of your choice! He has a lesson to learn. In this course, you will learn how to make a simple game without coding. But no code is always a good idea. It is always better to do this with coding than with normal games.

Step 2: Process The Design Document

When you design a game and decide on its appearance, you need to create a design document. For most people, the project document is a general description of the game’s appearance and what you need to do to create it.

When creating your design document, keep the following in mind:

  • skills are available for you to use. If you don’t have the relevant skills, the event may quickly touch your wallet because it is recruiting people.
  • The language you will use. By defining this, you can limit your creation to a certain extent.
  • How to see/how to act.
  • If you want to update and add new content in the future. If your answer is yes, please consider how to do it.

After completing the project documentation, all you have to do is to start programming!

Step 3: Software Requirement And Initial Level of Software Knowledge

Before entering the world of game programming, you need to decide whether you need this software. Developing simple mobile games does not require such complicated software. In most cases, you can use code editors and compilers to complete your work. However, more advanced games may require very powerful software, such as 3D modeling and image editing programs. Advanced software can be expensive.

Please note that playing complex games requires a computer with a high-quality processor and sufficient memory for the software to run comfortably.

Step 4: Starting Game Development On Scratch!

After downloading the required software, you can start the game coding process. Although more complex games require a game engine, simple mobile games do not. Just decide which language you want to write the game in and start!

Before you start developing the game, you can check your favorite game engine. For newbies developing games from scratch, Unity 3D is usually preferred. You can choose Unreal Engine for advanced large projects.

Step 5: Test Your Game And Start Marketing!

After finishing the game, all that is left to do is to test, promote and sell it! The first thing you should do is to test your game and fix errors. This process can be time-consuming, so be prepared to spend hours testing.

Marketing is a very special topic. If you are new to marketing, we recommend that you hire a marketing consultant, because getting people to buy your game is a very difficult step, so you can start with the following options:

  • Website builder, many people can buy and download your game.
  • Make packaged copies of games and distribute them to various game stores and other retailers.
  • If you created a game for a mobile device, please download it from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

These are just a few possibilities. If you are not sure how to best market your game, an expert can talk to you.

What Languages Should I Learn to Make Games?

what languages should i learn to make games?

How to make a game in scratch? The meaning of this problem, in general, is to learn the software. You can create simple mobile games in multiple programming languages. If you are proficient in a programming language, then you may know enough about creating mobile games. However, more complex games designed for computers or game consoles require more knowledge of programming languages ​​and how to use them to create games. Here are some languages ​​you can use when creating your own game:


Learning to program in JavaScript is very easy. As I said, the PhoneGap platform allows you to combine JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and create simple mobile applications and games. JavaScript is known to millions of people all over the world. peace. They have most of the skills needed to improve their game.

If you have not mastered JavaScript your way, don’t worry. If you can remember it, you might learn how to play more easily. First, you can learn basic JavaScript tutorials, such as B. Interactive JavaScript tutorials. Later, if you want a more specific game creation tutorial, you can use the PhoneGap tutorial on creating games in our tutorial section.


before proceeding with additional training. Swift is a relatively new programming language designed for use on the iOS operating system. It aims to make iOS games and applications easier. It quickly became popular with programmers who wanted to create games for the first time.

If you are interested in learning game coding for iOS devices, I suggest you learn Swift Programming. Yes, you can create iOS games or apps without any programming knowledge. But in terms of customization, writing your own game can provide you with more freedom and flexibility. If you want to continue developing Swift and learn how to use it while building your own iOS apps, please check out the Learn Swift programming language tutorial to get started.

C languages

C language (C, C#, and C++) is most commonly used for advanced game and software development. In fact, most desktop and console PC games are created using C language or a combination of multiple languages. Quite complex and difficult to learn, I don’t recommend starting with these languages ​​unless you take the game very seriously and don’t plan to turn it into a profession. If you want to learn to use the C language, you can take the “Use Unity to Make Your Own Game” course. This programming guide teaches basic C# skills, with an emphasis on game development.

How to make a mobile game from scratch?

The world of mobile games is constantly evolving every day. Mobile games sell better than PC and console games and have become an important part of daily life, especially for those who play games. Go home on this popular day. , People who already want to make mobile games can use this time as their own opportunity.

  1. Make a plan,
  2. choose a game engine that suits your plan,
  3. learn a suitable programming language,
  4. start your project,
  5. prepare images for your game,
  6. custom games.

Use Game Engine to develop Games from scratch.

How to make a game on scratch? The answer to this question is generally answered by the game engine. Most game developers now develop their games on a game engine with a large number of libraries and tools. This also applies to mobile games. The game engine is more useful than the other and has a wealth of tools to make the work of mobile game developers easier. Let’s take a look at these three tools:

Unity 3D

When it comes to mobile games, people think of Unity today. Unity provides mobile game developers with a wide range of resources and convenient tools that distinguish it from many game engines. free. Of course, if you want to publish your game, you must pay a certain fee before publishing. You can also publish your game without paying, you will only see the word “Made with Unity” in the post. It is also difficult to find free Unity tutorials online. For example, there is free educational content created by Youtuber Brackeys. You can see their summary here.

Unreal Engine

Like Unity, Unreal Engine is one of the industry’s leading game software. Most of the things you can do with Unity can be done with Unreal Engine. However, Unity uses C# as its scripting language, while Unreal Engine uses C++. For those who want to develop games, both are free software. You can also find free tutorials on games made with Unreal Engine to make you think.

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