How to make a unity IAP basic?

Reading How to make a unity IAP basic?

Unity offers IAP support for your games and applications. It provides in-game purchases that are valid in certain markets for the game or application you make. Supports iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, Windows Store (Universal), and Amazon Appstore Markets. In this article, we will give you information about How to make a unity IAP.

How to make a unity IAP?

Every project using Unity IAP will need a Project ID from Unity Services.

If you don’t have an ID for your project, you will need to create one.  Then choose In-App Purchase from the list of Services.

After that, to Enable In-App Purchasing, click the Enable button.

Adding the IAP Package

Unity IAP requires an imported package to build your integration; this must be added to your project using the Import Button.

After importing the package, you should see a new folder called Plugins added to your project. This folder contains the UnityPurchasing assets required to use Unity IAP.

When the services are installed, we can add the necessary code to our game. First, we’ll add a script called Buyer. The receiver is a sample script for this project to work with Unity IAP.

We will use our Buy script to request an in-app purchase for a consumable called “100 coins”. Once the item is successfully purchased, it will add 100 coins to the player’s current score, which they can use to make in-game purchases.

How to make a unity IAP
How to make a unity iap tutorial
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