How to make Unity 3D Firebase easily?

Reading How to make Unity 3D Firebase easily?

Firebase is an online chat application founded initially by James Taplin and Andrew lee. However, Firebase is not used as intended by the developers and is designed for its current use in 2012. After 2012, thanks to many updates, it has the purpose of mobile and web application development. In 2014, Google bought Firebase. After the purchase of Google in 2014, many features have been added to the Firebase application. Firebase, which has 2 different plans, provides excellent opportunities for advanced developers in the paid plan, as well as the features it offers for users. . In this article, we will tell you how to add Unity 3D Firebase.

Get Started with Firebase Realtime Database in Unity

Firebase Realtime Database stores and synchronizes data with our NoSQL cloud database. Data is synchronized in real time across all clients and remains available when your app is offline.

Add the Unity 3D Firebase SDK to your Unity project.

Creating a database in Firebase. Go to the Realtime Database section of the Firebase console. You will be asked to select an existing Firebase project.

Choose a startup mode for your Firebase Security Rules:

Test mode

It is good for getting started using mobile and web client libraries, but allows anyone to read and overwrite your data.

Locked mod

Refuses all read and write operations from mobile and web clients. Your authenticated application servers can still access your database.

Choose a region for the database. Depending on your zone selection, the database namespace <databaseName> or <databaseName>. <region>

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Click Done.

When you enable the Real-Time Database, it also enables the API in the Cloud API Manager.

How to make Unity 3D Firebase?
How to make Unity 3D Firebase?
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