What is Unity For 2D Games? Unity Game Development (2021)

unity for 2d games

Unity for 2D games that supports texture compression and resolution settings for each platform the game engine allows it to be specified and bump mapping, reflection mapping, parallax mapping, and editing sprite, sprite, General Settings, screen space ambient shutdown (now SSAO) provides support for creating. Unity for 2D games, Unity is preferred for making 2D games in a very simple way. Unity for 2D games is generally preferred for mobile. Unity also provides services to …

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Unity 3D System Requirements – PC & MAC – 2021 LTS

unity 3d system requirements

Unity 3D System Requirements and what are the minimum Unity Game Engine system requirements? We will learn the system requirements for Unity Editor. The minimum system requirements for Unity Editor and the recommended video card can be read more in the article. Also, the values may vary depending on the complexity of your project for system requirements. Why are Unity System Requirements Important? system requirements to run unity 3d are very important. Depending on the …

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What is Unity 3D? Detailed Unity Guide (2021) – Gamedev

unity 3d guide

Unity 3D, a game engine developed in Russia and developed by converting it into a game when the purpose of production was different. There are multiple games installed on the computer. The Unity 3D game can be played through Unity Web Player without having to download it to your computer. In this way, pirated software is prevented. It has continued to develop with different features other than playing through the website. So what is unity? …

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What is AdMob? How it Works & How To Use It? – (2021)

what is admob? how it works & how to use it?

Google AdMob is a platform that allows app and game developers to make money. Money can be earned through an app or game developed through ads. Developers make money not by the number of downloads of the app, but by the number of views and clicks of ads. This system, which can achieve quite high gains by increasing viewing traffic by using appropriate advertising formats, is completely free of charge. Admob Unity Ads can be …

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How to Do Unity Shader Optimization?

how to do unity shader optimization

If you have previously added a large shader package to your Unity project for Unity Shader optimization settings, either from the Asset Store or elsewhere, you may have witnessed that both the build time and the size of the game increased significantly. I came across this situation when I added the Toony Color Pro 2 asset to my project: the shader that came with it supported all of Unity’s scriptable render pipelines: LWRP/URP, HDRP, and …

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Unity Engine Dotween Usage And Details – 2021

unity 3d dotween functions

In this lesson, I will introduce Dotween Unity, a popular plugin that you can use in your unity Dotween Pro apps. Using this plugin, you can change the current value of one variable to another value softly (within a specific time). To give a simple example, you can move an object from its current position to another position in 1.5 seconds. Unity 3D DOTween Download Let’s start then!After importing the plugin into your project, the …

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How to install Unity Android SDK? (2021)

how to install unity android sdk

how to install android SDK for unity? In this lesson, I will explain the installation of the Unity Android SDK, which is necessary to develop games for Android in the UNITY 3D game engine. With Unity 2021, you can now automatically install it in Android SDK when installing the Android module. Along with the Unity SDK Manager, we may need to manually download the SDK for Google Play. (With recent updates) First of all, for …

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Unity 3D How can we reduce large texture size? (2021) – (resolved!)

unity 3d large texture

You may witness that sometimes even a single one of the Unity 3D Textures you import from the Asset Store to your project or from the graphic artists in your team takes up tens of MB (in rare cases hundreds of MB). This is usually because the picture is in a format such as uncompressed TIFF or TGA. By converting these images to PNG, you can significantly reduce the size of these files without any …

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How to Unity 3D Optimization? (2021) Optimization Settings!

unity 3d optimization

In this article, we will make Unity 3D Optimization and Unity 3D the best optimization settings. For this, you can read the article to the end and you will be able to perform an optimization process of 60% to 90%. This is often a one-on-one feature for slowdown issues. I have used the term Garbage Collector (GC) in some optimization techniques, I want to talk about it briefly. Unlike C ++, in C#, unused memory …

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How to Become a Software Engineer Without a Degree?

how to become a software engineer without a degree

As we all know, technology has spread to every area of our lives. So, How to Become a Software Engineer Without a Degree? Although many people are in the consumer part of this technology, there are also people in the producer part who do this as a profession. Considering that technology takes the place of real professions day by day, we can easily say that it is a profession that will never go extinct. For …

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