How to create Google Adsense USA Tax Information? Adsense Tax Forms!

Google Adsense Tax info How should I enter my US tax information, With the new tax update of Google Adsense, tax information should definitely be entered. Depending on your place of residence, this tax information should definitely be entered. You can only do this on Google Adsense. If you are using Admob, you can do this instantly by logging into AdSense.

google adsense how should i enter my us tax information?
Google Adsense How should I enter my US tax information? United states tax info Adsense

Create Google Adsense Tax info:

  • Sign in to your Adsense Account.
  • Click on the Payments tab.
  • Click Manage settings.
  • Scroll down to the “Payments profile” section and click the edit icon next to “US tax information“.
  • Click Manage tax information right afterward.
  • You may need to log in again. United states tax info Adsense

Immediately after finishing these processes, we will enter the login information and see the form.

Create Detailed Google Adsense Tax info: Let’s start!

If you do not reside in the USA, you can fill out this form in the same way. United states tax info Adsense:

united states tax info
Google Adsense Tax info

Immediately after the 1st process is finished, we will see the 2nd screen.

Important: This is the most important part of the tax form. Before the process, all the information here, google AdSense, all the information must be entered correctly in the same way. If you think you have entered incorrect information, you can review this process again and resubmit the form.

  1. Name Of Individual: Your name and surname.
  2. DBA (Doing Business as)name or disregarded entity: You will enter the person/company business name here.
  3. Country of citizenship: Your country (Country of residence)
  4. Foreign TIN: Tax identification number must be entered here. If it is not available (the country you are in), you have to enter your identification number. (It should definitely belong to you.)
  5. US ITIN or SSN: If you are not a US Citizen, you can leave this section blank and finish the process.
usa tax identity number
Google Adsense Tax info
  • Congratulations! United states tax info Adsense We were finally able to fill the hardest part! Now for the 3rd process, you need to enter your home or work address. We finish this process immediately after entering the required address information.
usa tax address
United states tax info Adsense – Usa tax Address /Permanent residence address / Mailing address.

After entering the required address information for Adsense, we will touch on very important details.

  • To avoid tax cuts, please enter all the options as the same as the photo below. You choose the country you live in the Country part.
usa tax treaty
Google Adsense Tax info – Usa tax treaty / Special rates and conditions.
  • Yes, we have finished the important details! After finishing this process, we move on to the next process. You will see the document as a result of this process, you can examine the document according to your request and finish this process immediately. United states tax info Adsense
usa tax document preview
Google Adsense – USA Tax document preview forms.
  • When we move on to the next step, you enter your name and surname in the signature section.
  • You declare that the name and surname you have made and entered in the signature section belong to you. “Yes, I am the person listed in the signature section and am completing this form on my own behalf.” United states tax info Adsense
usa tax certification
Google Adsense Certifications.
  • Activities and services performed in the US and Affidavit: There is no time left and we came to the section that interests you. If you are earning in the USA, never make a mistake on this option. If you are earning in the USA, it will be sufficient to choose the “YES” option immediately.
  • Status Change Affidavit: If you are using AdSense / AdMob for the first time, it will be enough to choose the first option. If you have used Google Adsense before and received payment from Google, you can choose the 2nd option.

It is the last process. We complete these important changes and finalize the necessary processes. Details are written in the photo below.

usa activities services affidavit
It is shown in detail in the photo. /Affidavit.


All transactions are finished and you will now be able to receive payment via google Adsense!

tax beninformation w 8ben
The image right after Google AdSense USA tax information is finished.

When the transactions are finished, you should receive a mail in the form of an * approved by “Google Payments” to your e-mail address.

your tax information has been confirmed
Google Payments: Your tax information has been confirmed.

Is it mandatory to enter Google Adsense Tax info?

Absolutely yes, you need to enter tax information, especially if you are earning from the US.
It would be healthy for you to enter just before the 20th of the month so that you can receive fast payments within the same month. United states tax info Adsense Continue reading for such important details.

What problems will I experience if tax info is not entered?

If you do not want to enter tax information or want to enter it in the future, definitely the finalized earnings will not be reflected in your bank account and you will not be able to receive payment.

To avoid this problem, google AdSense can easily enter tax information according to US laws and you can overcome this problem. United states tax info Adsense,
Important note: In some cases, if you cannot add a bank account to Google Adsense or you get an error when adding a bank account, it is because you did not enter tax information. The solution to this is that you can add your bank account to your Google AdSense account immediately after you submit the tax information form 1-3 days later.

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