Unity 2D 3D android game tutorial

Reading Unity 2D 3D android game tutorial

Anyone who likes to play has always had the idea of ​​making a game. It is the dream of people who play games and define themselves as gamers. We will be talking about the Unity 2D 3D android game tutorial in this article if you have the idea of ​​producing games in your mind. 

At this point, Unity appears as a highly functional application. Unity was not an application used to produce games when it first came out, but then things went that way. Unity3D is the officially available application to make games for Windows, Android, IOS, Flash Player, PS3, Web Player, and XBOX platforms with its 4.0 version in December 2012. 

The Unity3D game engine was developed by Unity Engines with C / C ++. With Unity 4.0 version, it supports you to develop games with C #, Java, Boo, and DirectX languages

Unity 2D 3D android game tutorial

With the increase in mobile games recently, the number of people who make android games has increased considerably. Previously, only companies did these jobs, and now people can do it on their own, thanks to the great amount of knowledge they have.

It is very important with which programming language we will make your Unity 2D 3D android game. The main ones are:

* C / C ++

* C#

* Visual Basic

* Delphi / Pascal


* Other languages

  • unity 2d game
  • unity 3d game

The language we choose is very important. Each language has different features, so the software language you choose matters.

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After choosing the language, you need to determine your game’s scenario and the purpose of the game. After that, you have to code the artificial intelligence that will be found in your game. Artificial intelligence is a very important structure for what your game offers.

Unity 2D/3D android game tutorial
unity 2d game – unity 3d game

Why should you choose Unity?

Unity program is a prominent program for novice users. If you have a game design idea in mind, you may prefer Unity before other comprehensive applications. If your game is under a certain sale, Unity does not share the fee you receive. Also, using Unity for mobile game designs will be sufficient if you are a new user.

Unity game engine is a rich, easy-to-use game engine that will increase your productivity while creating your game.

The Unity game engine has multi-platform support, allowing you to build your Unity 2D 3D android game once and distribute it across many different platforms. unity 2d game and unity 3d game.

Unity 2D 3D android game
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