Unity 3D Game Development For Beginners

    Unity 3D Game Development For Beginners

    In this article, you will have detailed information about Unity 3d game development. While game development has become popular recently, you can start developing games in a short time with unity 3d. During Unity 3d game development, I will convey to you in detail the important information and the problems you will experience.

    unity 3d game development

    Today, while unity 3d game development is becoming popular, we have the potential to advance in terms of software and design at a significant level thanks to advanced technology. As a Gameplay Developer team, we will discuss what you need to pay attention to during Unity 3d Game Development and important issues that you should pay attention to during game development. You do not need to pay any fees before you start developing a game. It should not be forgotten that this requires only perseverance and work.

    Before starting Unity 3d game development

    Game development, that is, has become an entrepreneurial profession that has become popular today. It is useful to pay attention to some important issues to develop a game. Before developing a game, the priority is a computer and internet connection, and then we can start the Unity 3D game development business.

    • If you are starting game development with unity 3d for the first time, I definitely do not recommend watching the advanced tutorials. Because advanced courses and lessons have the potential to seriously scare you. For example, my friend at school chose an advanced course as the priority, even though he did not know code. As he watched the first lesson, he decided to stop developing games immediately. In order not to make this mistake, if you are going to start developing games for the first time, definitely do not choose advanced courses.
    • If you are going to start developing games for the first time, you definitely need to work on the beginner course and resources. Of course, just before that, it is necessary to get to know the Unity 3D interface. The Unity 3D interface may look horrible at first, but you should allow 1 week for it, depending on my experience, the priority would be to tamper with the unity 3d interface in 1 week. Because it was the first time that I used unity and the interface was incredibly difficult. For this, it is necessary to get to know the interface of unity before starting the first software. You will be accustomed to Unity’s interface within an estimated 1 week.

    As we have learned this brief information, we will now be ready for Unity 3d game development in detail. Before developing a game with Unity 3d, please check again that it did not make any mistakes during the installation. Because to give an example in the future, if you are planning to make a game for android, problems may arise for SDK, JDK, and NDK. The shortest solution would be to download Android Studio and define the necessary SDK, JDK, and SDK files to Unity.

    Getting Started: Unity 3D Installation

    It’s very simple to set up. Before starting Unity 3d game development, make sure that you have installed it smoothly. If you think you have a problem-free installation, you can skip the step, but you should check it again.

    unity 3d game development installation

    During the setup, you need to pay attention to your internet connection. If there are any interruptions, incorrect downloads can occur and Unity can go into an endless loop during installation. In some cases, the installation is finished and you cannot open Unity.

    Download Unity Here: Download Unity 3D

    You can download the latest versions of your choice, although I strongly recommend you to download them via Unity Hub. You can download it quickly via Unity Hub to avoid any problems in the future and for faster access to license updates. You are one step ahead of Unity 3D game development. For a seamless version, when we download Unity Hub, you will be able to see all versions on a single page. For a seamless version, you need to download Unity’s LTS versions. Because non-LTS versions mean they are still in development. This can be old or new. For this, you can choose LTS versions before downloading Unity 3D versions.

    unity 3d game development hub lts

    You can find certain versions by following the Unity Hub> Installs> Add path. As you can see in the example, LTS versions should be preferred. Before starting Unity 3d game development, these issues should be considered, unless you pay attention, when you finish your game projects in the future, important errors may occur that will seriously affect your projects.

    Game Development with Unity 3D

    Unity 2D

    For Unity 2D game development, you can choose the 2D platform. With Unity 2d, games are generally produced for mobile devices. Because as it is known, the mobile industry is developing significantly, it should not be forgotten that you can make games for both PC and mobile devices with Unity 2D. If you say why Unity 2d is often recommended for mobile devices, it is because Unity provides a significant free software source and game engine free of charge.

    For Unity 2D game development, here you can check out our important articles on how to do it.

    Unity 3D

    Thanks to Unity 3d game development, you have the potential to develop both 2.5D and 3D games. There is no need to pay any fees for this. (With some exceptions) Unity 3D has made it possible to make even 2.5D games that have become popular recently. For this, you need to have advanced knowledge of Software, Modeling, Texture. Of course, it is offered for a fee on some sales sites.

    You can check the Unity 3D Category here, we have important articles for you and to develop games.

    Issues to be aware of during Unity 3D game development

    issues to be aware of during unity 3d game development

    Unity 3D game development The priority you may need some important information, and if you are starting for the first time, it is useful to read this information.

    • Keep in mind that it takes a long process to develop a Unity 3D game.
    • During the long process, it will be very beneficial for you to learn depending on your determination and work.
    • You have to Google all the topics you are curious about.
    • You have to google even the slightest problem you have on Unity 3D. Once you have solved the problem, it will be beneficial for your development.
    • In some important situations, you may lose your motivation.
    • When you lose your motivation, you start to think that all the actions you take on the project you are working on are unnecessary.
    • It is recommended that you work efficiently so that your motivation does not decrease. In fact, sometimes I suggest you take a break for at least 3 days as long as you are seriously tired.
    • Do not give up!

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    For here, you can browse through the Unity Official website for beginner, intermediate and advanced resources. (1, 2)

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