How to install Unity Android SDK? (2021)

how to install unity android sdk

how to install android SDK for unity? In this lesson, I will explain the installation of the Unity Android SDK, which is necessary to develop games for Android in the UNITY 3D game engine. With Unity 2021, you can now automatically install it in Android SDK when installing the Android module. Along with the Unity SDK Manager, we may need to manually download the SDK for Google Play. (With recent updates) First of all, for …

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Unity 3D How can we reduce large texture size? (2021) – (resolved!)

unity 3d large texture

You may witness that sometimes even a single one of the Unity 3D Textures you import from the Asset Store to your project or from the graphic artists in your team takes up tens of MB (in rare cases hundreds of MB). This is usually because the picture is in a format such as uncompressed TIFF or TGA. By converting these images to PNG, you can significantly reduce the size of these files without any …

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How to Unity 3D Optimization? (2021) Optimization Settings!

unity 3d optimization

In this article, we will make Unity 3D Optimization and Unity 3D the best optimization settings. For this, you can read the article to the end and you will be able to perform an optimization process of 60% to 90%. This is often a one-on-one feature for slowdown issues. I have used the term Garbage Collector (GC) in some optimization techniques, I want to talk about it briefly. Unlike C ++, in C#, unused memory …

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Unity 3D Game Development For Beginners

unity 3d game development

In this article, you will have detailed information about Unity 3d game development. While game development has become popular recently, you can start developing games in a short time with unity 3d. During Unity 3d game development, I will convey to you in detail the important information and the problems you will experience. Today, while unity 3d game development is becoming popular, we have the potential to advance in terms of software and design at …

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How to add Admob or Unity ads to your Android Games

how toadd admob or unity ads to your android games

When you make a mobile application, you can add the ads you want to add to it through certain ad networks. These are Admob and Unity Ads. These are the two most used and most known applications, and our recommendation will be Admob or Unity Ads for you. In this article, we will tell you what these are and how you can add these advertising tools to your games. You can monetize your Android games …

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How to Buy Unity Pro? Advantages of Unity Pro

unity pro

Unity is a cross-platform game engine. It is developed by Unity Technologies which is mainly used to develop video games and simulations for computers and therefore consoles and mobile devices. Unity Pro is also one of the paid licenses of Unity. units; It’s also a versatile game engine that supports 2D and 3D graphics, drag and drop functionality, and scripting with C #. Although several languages ​​(Boo and UnityScript) were added later, its use is …

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Unity Ads vs Admob: Which One Brings in More? – (2021)

unity ads vs google admob earns

To profit from mobile apps and games, should Google AdMob or Unity Ads be preferred? If you think about which one to choose for more gain, this article is for you! With Unity Ads vs AdMob comparison, you will be able to integrate ads into your mobile games and start earning. Briefly Unity Ads vs AdMob: Unity advertisements best work with gaming publishers and app developers. It has the best advert formats, particularly video advertisements …

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