Unity Ads Payment Proof – (2021)

Want to see Up to Date Unity Ads Proof of Payment? Here are Unity Ads payment proofs. Before using Unity Ads, we need to have detailed information about payment and advertising. With Unity Ads, you can profit from 2D and 3D games that we have developed.

unity ads payment proof and unity ads pay methods.
unity ads payment proof - (2021) 4

What Is Unity Ads?

Unity Ads is known as the biggest alternative to Google AdMob. Unity Ads is an advertising company that allows you to make money only from mobile games. With Unity Ads, you can earn with mobile-focused advertising. In response to the question of how much Unity ads pays, earnings indicators vary depending on the destination country and earnings by ad unit.

Unity Ads can only be used for games that you have developed with Unity. In addition, Unity Ads are not suitable for Android apps.

Does Unity Ads have proof of payment?

A lot of people are curious. Are our gains with Unity Ads proof of payment? Yes! As a condition, you receive a minimum income of $100 and you may also need to enter the necessary bank information. As long as there is no policy violation, you can withdraw your earnings from your bank account with Unity Ads.

The proof of Unity Ads payment is as follows:

  • As you can see in the picture, regular Unity Ads earnings are shown. When winnings exceed a Minimum of $100, they are automatically sent to the bank account you added to the payment method.
unity ads payment methods finance dashboard.
unity ads payment methods finance dashboard.

Unity Ads Payment Proof is as follows:

does unity ads have proof of payment?
does unity ads have proof of payment?

Unity Ads or Google AdMob?

So is it Unity Ads or Google AdMob? We have prepared this for you in detail. In short, you can choose Unity Ads to receive payment. But it’s hard to say for Google AdMob! Here are the details: Unity ads vs AdMob

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8 thoughts on “Unity Ads Payment Proof – (2021)”

  1. Hi bro!
    Are you from Pakistan?
    I have received the same payment proof but I have not received any money in my bank account.
    Do I need to process this payment proof? Or should I wait?
    What do date and due date mean?

  2. Hi!
    Actually due date under invoice number is 26 today is 28 and still no clue.
    Should I visit bank or contact Unity?

    • Yeah, you can print it out and go to the bank. But before that, contact Unity Ads officials and definitely question whether there are any problems. If a transaction error is found, there is nothing you can do about the Bank.

  3. Two last questions
    What is that due date under invoice number?
    And should we visit bank after receiving this payment proof for further processing or is it just for telling us and everything else is automatic process?


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