Unity Frequently Asked Questions – 2021 (F.A.Q)

Answers to frequently asked questions according to beginners for Unity game development engine 2D and 3D can be found here briefly. For Unity 3D, you can learn the answer to all the questions you are wondering about game development and software shortly and clearly. Here are the questions that game developers and new game developers often ask.

unity 3d faq
unity faq

Is unity Free? Where can I download Unity 3D?

The Unity game development engine is available for free. You can download and install the original installation files from the official Unity 3D website. Click here now and start downloading. (https://unity3d.com/unity/download)

Is Unity Free?

It’s free if your annual income is less than $100,000. In contrast, if your annual income is below $200,000, you should use the Plus version and if it is more, the Pro version. You can see more fees and features offered by these versions here: (link)

In the free version, you can play games not only on PC but also on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1, and WebGL for free. compilation on iOS requires a Mac, and compilation on Windows Phone 8.1 requires Windows 8.

Can I publish my games in a free (personal) version and make money from there?

Yes! In the free (personal) version, you can earn as much money as you want in the games you create. You do not have to pay Unity Technologies a penny Commission for this amount. But as I mentioned earlier, you can’t use the free version if your annual income exceeds $ 100,000.

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What is the difference between free (Personal), Plus, and Pro decks?

You can see a comparison of these versions from the official Unity site: https://store.unity.com/compareplans

The biggest difference between free and plus, the biggest difference users will notice, is that you can decipher the position of the Unity logo at the top of the game. In Plus versions and Pro.

Do you mind if I publish a game with the Unity version with crack?

Yeah, there’s a risk of trouble. After all, you are using all Unity features illegally. Remember that when you start earning higher in the future, you will encounter legal problems.

I’ve just started developing games with Unity, What do I do?

If you plan to develop new games with Unity, the priority is to make your specific plans with Unity’s official website. You can find hundreds of Unity game development courses through Youtube and other educational sites. You can browse right here (Link)

When you learn Unity, add new code, useful features, tricks, and more to your Word document. Take notes with descriptions and read this document from time to time. With this method, you will quickly accelerate the Unity C# learning process!

For starters, what is Unity?

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