Arcade Games That Will Transport You To Your Childhood Years

    Gaming is a passion for some and just a fun activity for others. Today on PlayStation, Xbox and computers thousands of games we can find. But …

    Arcade Games That Will Transport You To Your Childhood Years

    Gaming is a passion for some and just a fun activity for others. Today on PlayStation, Xbox and computers thousands of games we can find. But once upon a time this was not the case. We had arcades where we could play a number of games.

    We are sure that many of you remember the arcades, which we can call the ancestors of PlayStation and Xbox. We are sure that many people first time thanks to arcade introduced to the game world. We have compiled for you some of the first games we played in arcades that drew us all into the game world.

    The game that turned us all into circus acrobats: Circus.

    Circus, which was first released in 1984, almost imprisoned us all in the game with its iconic music. We would get angry as our souls decreased, but at the same time immersing ourselves in the rhythm of the musicWe would keep playing.

    While doing tightrope walkingWhile the countless monkeys we came across were jumping from one ball to another, we somehow got lost in the game and did not realize how the time passed.

    If Rafael Nadal saw our tennis performance, his eyes would fill with tears…

    The game, which was released in 1983, had a very easy interface like almost all arcade games. There were 5 difficulty levels in Tennis. many of us Even though we had a hard time at the 4th and 5th levelsWe wouldn’t stop trying.

    Thanks to our tennis skills, which we develop as we play the game, we all feel like a part of ourselves. Rafael Nadal, a Maria Sharapovawe felt about.

    It’s customary that we haven’t forgotten Super Mario, one of the first games that comes to mind when it comes to Atari.

    Yes, of course the most loved and most played arcade game Marvelous Mario. Since 1983, Superior Mario has been offering us things that we cannot find in many games nowadays. There was love, friendship, anxiety whatever you could look for in the game.

    That moment when we realized that we were going to defeat the monster and save the princess was inside all of us. a measure of sadness would come. When we rescued the princess and brought her to our castle, we were proud that all our efforts had paid off.

    Did the King Kong movie producers also play Donkey Kong in their time?

    Climbing the stairs has never been so easy to reach the upper floor power and fun had not been. Even though our gorilla friend in the Donkey Kong game sometimes tried to scare us by rolling barrels on us, we always managed to get past the manias and reach the princess on the top floor.

    Again, we could see Mario of Superior Mario, one of the legendary games of that era, in this game. The biggest reason for this is This was the first time Mario has been seen in this game.Of course, since Donkey Kong is not as famous as Super Mario, many of us thought the opposite was the case.

    Tekken was the place for real fighters.

    Tekken, which entered the lives of many of us with an arcade, is now serialized. continuing to be played one of the rare games. We had a lot of fun playing arcade games with our family members and friends.

    mutually chosen characters, skill battles We didn’t realize how the time passed. Tekken had rivals back then, though not as much as today.

    Still a legend: Street Fighter

    One of the most important games that we can count in the middle of Tekken’s rivals was Street Fighter. Although a new PC game has been released in recent years, Street Fighter has been overshadowed by many fighting games.

    With the truck driving effect that scratches our brain: TANK

    Probably the funniest part of the game to develop a variety was to have. Some were able to destroy all enemy tanks and end the game, while others could create a protective shield around us.

    Of course, if you focus too much on upgrades and destroying enemies. the symbol we must protect It wasn’t that we forgot. Indeed, just like us, our enemies also had a purpose.

    Those days when we had an arcade argument with our parents because of Tetris…

    The arcades appealed to people of all ages. One of our parents’ favorite games was, of course, Tetris. The game was played so much and loved so much that it still continues today. Many similar games are in development.

    Developed in 1984, which is also a precedent for other arcade games, the game has been the same in all series released since the day it was released. nostalgic moodcontinues to be preserved.

    We didn’t learn marksmanship in PUBG.

    Duck Hunt, the ‘duck shooter’ game that took its place in the middle of the first games that come to mind when Atari is mentioned, surprised us at that time. When most of us shoot with the gun in hand how we shoot ducksWe couldn’t believe it, we used to think how much technology had developed.

    When we spent all of our shooting rights and could not shoot the ducks, the dog we had seen from the beginning of the game reappears. he would laugh at us in a sarcastic form.When we encountered the dog’s smile a few times, we were almost alienated from life.

    We wouldn’t have found the action in Contra in any movie theater.

    Those who like action movies may have played Contra quite a lot at one time. Because the game almost made us a as if in action cinema it felt. The enemies that come upon you without mistakes, the drawbacks that you have to hop, the automatic firearms and the flames… There was nothing.

    Of course, it is not possible to compare it with today’s shooter or action games. But on time We can defeat any monster with a single weapon.Contra’s place will always be the other for us.

    Mortal Kombat is still one of the most loved fighting games.

    With Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Sonya, Kanyo and many more characters We met at the arcade for the first time.Now, we all know the legendary Mortal Kombat characters and even their stories.

    A lot has changed in the game since the days we played in Atari. Many of the characters we saw before, It’s not in their last game. On the other hand, many movies of the series were shot and we had the opportunity to watch different characters in these movie theaters. With all this, Mortal Kombat managed to make its name known to the whole world.

    Our little red car and Forza Horizon’s (?) images of nature…

    Before there was Forza Horizon, Need for Speed, and how many more games, there was Road Fighter. Maybe in the game we play from a bird’s eye view we couldn’t modify our car butwe were having so much fun.

    Thanks to the changing environment views as you progress through the game different worlds We were going, we were feeling the racing feeling to the fullest. The game, which was developed by Konami exactly with Contra, managed to write its name in history as the first racing game of the company.

    The days when we dropped the bomb and ran without looking back…

    Of course, Bomberman told us the value of timing taught. From time to time, we detonated ourselves with the bombs we set up, but as a result, we somehow found the exit door.

    Of course, with a lot of monsters roaming around break all the stones and find the door it wasn’t very easy. But still, Bomberman was one of the most entertaining arcade games.

    The game that turned us all into Tarzan: Adventure Island.

    Adventure Island, where we ran around like Tarzan with our little feet, was very reminiscent of Super Mario in terms of gameplay. Many of us just for this reason to throw our glory type after saving the princess in Super Mario to this island full of dangerswe would come

    One of the biggest features that make you love the game is that you can find it on the road. from the eggs we kicked open all kinds of treats were coming out. The most fun of these treats was, of course, skateboarding. Although it seems easy to us now, it was very nice for us to have such abilities in the games of that time.

    We used to do parkour sport on Excite Bike at the time.

    Again, something we are not used to seeing in arcade games. was driving a motor.Because in many games, we were either driving, fighting or running around for a purpose.

    Excite Bike, which moved away from a classic racing game in this sense, offered us a different experience. The game was very popular in that period and became one of the most played arcade games. But now many of us remembers even his namewe are struggling.

    Today, gamers can access countless games from their computers or consoles. Most of those who were children in the 90s and 2000s grew up with arcade games. Today, we went back to our childhood by taking a little trip with you. So what was your favorite arcade game?


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