How Did Apple Change the Future of the World?

    in 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve WozniakFounded by Apple, Apple has entered the middle of the world’s most valuable companies after more than 40 …

    How Did Apple Change the Future of the World?

    in 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve WozniakFounded by Apple, Apple has entered the middle of the world’s most valuable companies after more than 40 years.

    Ideas ahead of their timeThe company, which is one step ahead of its competitors with its revolutionary movements and user-oriented designs, now sets the trends in the world of technology.

    Let’s first look at the company’s critical mistake, why was Steve Jobs fired from the company?

    The founders of the company, for more money He included investors in the governing council because they needed it. This governing council named Steve Jobs found it too youngThey were considering bringing someone else to replace him.

    In 1985, Steve Jobs was fired from the company he founded and replaced him as the manager of Pepsi. John Sculley brought in . Despite being hired by Jobs in 1983, Sculley persuaded the governing council to have Jobs fired from the company.

    Jobs proved to be very smart and successful even without Apple.

    After being fired from his company Founding a company called NeXTHere, Jobs started to attract attention again with the software he wrote with his group.

    With his success at NeXT, Steve Jobs became Apple’s wanting to stop its bad course He was brought back to Apple, which he founded in 1997, by Apple executives. In this case, NeXT 400 million dollarsBought by Apple.

    Now is the time to witness the change of the world with Steve Jobs.

    Determined to create an ecosystem, Jobs began to realize this dream step by step. On his return to the company Introducing the iMac 1 year laterJobs had managed to build the cheapest computer up to that time.

    With the release of the iPod in 2001 Apple, which revolutionized the music world Thanks to the software on the iPod, it started to get shares in music sales. This may be one of the most important events in which the company announced its name to the world with strong voices.

    The world of technology will never be the same again; The perfect man takes the stage with the phone without a key.

    When the calendar leaves showed the year 2007, there was a very valuable development for the technology world. Until that period, push-button phones dominated the market; iPhone, as a new revolutionIntroduced by Steve Jobs.

    With the announcement of the first iPhone, Apple’s rise accelerated. This device, which was an extraordinary technology for that period, was exactly 500 million soldachieved excellent success.

    So why have these devices been so successful?

    3 different devices released in 1997 and 2007, to make a revolution in 3 different areas succeeded. Behind them, of course, there are innovation and valiant steps.

    For example, with the release of the iPod Agreement was made with 5 giant record companies. In this way, the music of the companies began to be sold on Apple’s virtual store. It was a great convenience to listen to music from a device instead of carrying a CD with it.

    The iPhone is touchscreen and has many new features. got people’s attention . So basically Apple, ” Think DifferentlyBy joining the ” movement, he was always one step ahead of his competitors.

    To be the head of the tech world, your ecosystem must have all kinds of devices.

    Introducing many new devices over the years, Apple, with the year 2022 has an excellent ecosystem . We can now talk about Apple dominance in watches, headphones, phones, tablets, computers and many more.

    When people buy one of their Apple devices, it’s be part of the ecosystem wants. That’s why it’s so hard to find someone who only uses 1 Apple device.

    It has always been one step ahead of its competitors with attractive advertisements.

    Advertising work prepared for the Macintosh in 1984, one of the most interesting ads in historymanaged to become someone.

    Stores customized for user experience led to higher sales.

    Speaking of advertisements, small changes in stores also contributed to the rise of Apple. The company, which has a very simple store design on the contrary of a classic technology store, lights will highlight your workspositioned accordingly.

    With the Apple logo appearing as a jewel in a large glass, stores are everywhere in the world. interestingfound.

    In general, Apple has always managed to leave its competitors behind with bold steps.

    Apple, which has made many technology revolutions such as removing the headphone jack from the phones or switching to the frameless screen, managed to change their preferences.

    Let’s see what the company, which has not left the top to anyone for many years, will do in the world of technology from now on? After all, no other company presentation of his new worksMillions follow with curiosity.

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