How Do Experts Interpret BNB Chain Hacking?

    Cryptocurrency investors have been very nervous lately. Because it was launched by Binance founders. BNB ChainThe blockchain named hacker …

    How Do Experts Interpret BNB Chain Hacking?

    Cryptocurrency investors have been very nervous lately. Because it was launched by Binance founders. BNB ChainThe blockchain named hacker attack exposed. Hacker or hackers taking advantage of the vulnerability in the chain, according to the official statement, worth $ 100 million, according to third-party sources. worth $570 millionThey minted Binance Coin (BNB) and transferred it to their own account.

    From Binance on the incident official statement has arrived . In the statement, BNB Chain and Binance are in the middle. there is no link and it was mentioned that the attack did not affect Binance. In addition, Binance CEO CZIn his post on Twitter, giant news sources ” Binance hackedHe came out harsh on the news titled ” and ” The quality of the news needs to be improved.‘ he declared.

    We asked cryptocurrency expert Oytun Es: So what was the truth? How does the hack attack affect the cryptocurrency investor?

    In the hacking attack against BNB Chain talking big money and upon the strong statements of the Binance front, we wanted to ask someone who knows the details of this event. The name, who agreed to answer our questions, is a crypto money expert and Crypto Techco-founder of YouTube channel Oytun Esit happened.

    With Oytun Es, the hacking incident in BNB Chain we talked about the details . If you wish, without further ado, let’s look at the questions we asked and the answers we received.

    Binance said the attack was not related to them. Was this explanation correct?

    Bridges are one of the most troubled parts of the cryptocurrency world. When we look at the last process, most of the hacking events take place from the vulnerabilities on this side. In the last example, it is a hacking word on the BNB Chain over the bridge again. Here Binance has a responsibility . However, with the rapid action they took, they were able to deal with greater grievances. they got ahead.

    Will the attack lower the price of BNB or other cryptocurrencies? Is there a buying opportunity for the investor waiting in ambush?

    In this regard, I do not think that there will be significant sales over BNB and other cryptocurrencies. Before the matter grows in dissolved state . As a cryptocurrency ecosystem we’ve seen much worse.

    How can Binance or BNB Chain get out of this? Will they be investigated, fined or faced with a ban on access? Will there be people who are imprisoned in the middle of the authorities?

    It is unlikely that Binance will undergo an investigation on this issue. in person no regulation . Blockchain software is in its infancy. Unfortunately, this style is undesirable. will come out . As there will be no investigation, there will be no prison sentence. will not.

    Cryptocurrency is said to be solid. But 100 million dollars (according to the official statement) could be stolen in a single item. The LUNA incident essentially rocked the market. How will faith be established? If you are faithful, how is such a big theft possible?

    Crawling in phase We’re talking about technologies. There will be some undesirable accidents in this development process. These valuable problems take quick actionand to prevent major grievances.

    If the investor’s money was stolen, would Binance have to cover it? After all, there was a theft and there is definitely a loss. Who will pay for this loss?

    Binance exchange has always been always in the process of meeting grievances. he was sensitive . In the event of a great victimization, in my personal opinion, he will do his best again. What they keep in the column about them there are special funds.

    What should investors do to avoid being a victim?

    In order not to be a victim of the investor, as much as possible from the bridges. should stay away . In fact, this bet interests the majority of investors. not a bet . For individuals who buy a crypto asset and store it in their own wallet, no problem.

    After all, do you believe in the future of cryptocurrencies?

    The future of cryptocurrencies I believe with all my heart . Every great development is painful. We are talking about a technology that is currently in its infancy. Many projects are still in the early development phase. Over the years much more sittingWe will have an ecosystem.

    Do you have a cryptocurrency investment and what do you plan to do after the hack?

    Yes, I have crypto money investments and I will continue to do so. to be continued . This isn’t the first hack this ecosystem has experienced. After that, there will be hacking events. Of course, putting all of your assets here is a big risk, but it is something with such great potential. stay out of the processI find it more risky.


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