How Does Sperm Allergy Happen?

    Sperm allergy, found in a man’s semen to proteins It means having an allergic reaction to it. In fact, this condition can sometimes affect only …

    How Does Sperm Allergy Happen?

    Sperm allergy, found in a man’s semen to proteins It means having an allergic reaction to it. In fact, this condition can sometimes affect only one part of the body, but sometimes it can show various symptoms in different parts of the body.

    The cluster that suffers most from this condition women This allergy may occur with symptoms in the form of swelling, pain, itching, burning sensation and yeast infection, usually in the vagina. Symptoms may appear 10 or 30 minutes after contact with sperm. So let’s get down to the details of this allergic reaction.

    This condition is usually discovered after the woman has had sexual intercourse for the first time.

    As we have just mentioned, this problem is that, for example, the body only vagina It does not manifest itself by reacting in a single region. It can also be seen in any area that comes into contact with sperm, such as the skin and mouth. Symptoms go away in a few hours for some. But some individuals may experience these symptoms even for a few days. As you can see, each person’s body is affected differently by this situation.

    For example, in the bodies of some individuals, what we call urticaria occurs, that is, urticaria (red blisters) appear on the skin. Even those who experience advanced symptoms may have difficulty breathing. This problem can even cause life-threatening anaphylaxis (a fatal allergic reaction to an object) type of allergy. If something like this happens, interventionmust.

    Women with sperm allergy sometimes do not experience this situation when they are with their first partner. They may experience this situation in one of their second or third partners. So it’s pretty complicatedWe can say that there is a situation.

    Most of the time, this situation may not be understood when the person goes to the examination. For example, a woman can be diagnosed with vaginitis, yeast infection or genital herpes.

    According to experts, the use of condoms should be asked for the differential diagnosis of this condition. If the woman has this allergy, she will not show any symptoms during sexual intercourse by using a condom. However, if unprotected sexual intercourse occurs, if symptoms occur, according to physicians, this is the case. to suspectIt may be possible.

    Also in fungal infection, cottage cheese-like or milk curd It is a white odorless discharge. However, according to the words of gynecologist Jennifer Wider, this discharge is not seen in someone with semen allergy.

    Of course, this can be a bit of a stretch for couples. Especially women who want to get pregnant can have difficulties due to allergies as they have to experience unprotected attention. But this is certainly not the case, according to experts. magnified and fearedIt’s not a bet.

    When people with such a problem apply to the doctor and follow the necessary directions, there is no harm in having a child. In fact, this allergy fertility does not affect. In other words, there is no such thing as a woman cannot have a child just because she has allergies.

    In fact, although the majority of women who are allergic to semen are women, it can be said that men also experience this problem, even if only sporadically. In fact, in a study, a 27-year-old man had an allergic reaction after he had an orgasm, surprising the doctors.

    This male is applying to the urology division of Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. However, his complaints are found very interesting by the doctors. Namely, the man has been experiencing coughing after ejaculation, swelling in the lymph nodes in his neck, urticaria in his arms, flu and sneezing after ejaculation for 9 years. symptomsHe talks about living.

    After listening to the patient’s symptoms, which began when he was 18 years old, the doctors made a diagnosis. orgasm He observes that the tubes in his testicles (these are sperm-producing tubes anyway) swell painfully, whether or not they are. After the examination, the doctors also stated in their reports that the patient avoided sexual intercourse because his symptoms were disturbing.

    Ultimately, the man post-orgasmic sickness syndrome diagnosis is made. In fact, this disease is not something that has never been seen before. It is unexpected, given that there are fewer than 60 events that medicine alone has described so far.

    Individuals suffering from this issue can even experience it up to seven days after they have an orgasm. flu may show signs such as: Among the other symptoms of the disease, there are fatigue, absent-mindedness, headaches, emotional changes and inability to focus.

    Of course, since this is a condition called orgasm allergy, it is not exactly like a sperm allergy. However, the appearance of urticaria-like swellings on the skin in both shows that there is a similarity in the middle. The most precious detail that should not be forgotten in this bet, spermor that those with suspected orgasm allergies are the only authorities to apply to doctors.

    In other words, whatever the most appropriate treatment is for the person, the doctors are the only people who can provide it. For example, this event antihistamine being treated with (allergy medications). According to the research reported, the treatment works with a rate of 90%. However, the treatment that works in this example may not work for everyone. In conclusion, to reiterate, without consulting a doctor, no one is better than his head. “I have this disease”should not go into psychology.

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