How Much Money Do Celebrities Make From Invalid Accounts?

    We follow our favorite artists, actors, publishers and more on social media platforms. But every account we see on social media it may not be …

    How Much Money Do Celebrities Make From Invalid Accounts?

    We follow our favorite artists, actors, publishers and more on social media platforms. But every account we see on social media it may not be real.Especially celebrities, who are loved by the society, complain a lot about fake accounts.

    Sometimes in posts made from fake accounts to different pronunciations we can match. So why do these guys feel the need to open a celebrity fake account? As the verification platform Malumatfuruş shares on its website and Twitter, we frequently come across these accounts on social media. Let’s take a closer look at their purpose.

    The account opened in the name of Haluk Bilginer even became the subject of the news.

    Although Haluk Bilginer does not use Twitter, he is one of the names we come across with fake accounts the most. In the past days Haluk Bilginer at KPSS 2022Asking questions about it was on the agenda of social media.

    Even Haluk Bilginer made by invalid account This post (which you saw above) was shared on news sites and it was reported that Bilginer thanked the students for their interest. Of course, it is very difficult to understand that this is a fake account unless you look carefully. Because apart from the lack of a small letter in the username, it is not obvious that the account is fake. Fortunately, this account, which even made the news, is currently closed.

    Beyazıt Öztürk’s invalid account had created an event for a period of time.

    From the outside, it may seem absurd for an invalid Twitter account to create an event. But as you can see above, Öztürk’s with his tweet as if it were himself It managed to get thousands of likes. Moreover, after creating so many events, the username of the account was changed and it became ‘Bells Haber’.

    The account that started as Beyazıt Öztürk’s parody account turned into “Bells Haber”. suspended after a while.However, before it was suspended, it was also advertised on different parody accounts.

    We saw that these advertisements were also made through the fake accounts of Haluk Bilginer and Selçuk Method.

    Advertisements for Bells Haber, one of the parody accounts of Bilginer and Method, brought some question marks to mind. for example All accounts may be related to the same person or individuals.about…

    It is highly suspicious that after an account’s username changes, the new username’s advertisements from other parody accounts start returning. For Sharing times and writing languages ​​of tweets are also very close to each other. In order for them to tweet back and forth, they must either have received advertisements at the same time or be managed by one-to-one individuals.

    Selcuk Formula’s invalid account was closed after a while. But the username of Haluk Bilginer’s fake account has been changed.

    The accounts and advertisements of Beyazıt Öztürk to Bells Haber started to be made by Selçuk Method. The parody account was closed after a while. However, the name of Haluk Bilginer’s account was changed to a news page in a precedent way. If the name ‘’it happened.

    Of course, this account was also closed in a short time. In other words, 2 of the 3 accounts that we think are managed by individuals have changed to a different user name, but they all ended up the same. We continue to see similar situations in many different parody or fan accounts. Some are just imitating that celebrityis enough.

    Although Celal Şengör has repeatedly stated that he does not use social media, his invalid accounts do not look for him much.

    Celal Şengör is not the only celebrity who says he doesn’t use a Twitter account.

    Birce Akalay, Tamer Karadağlı, Türkan Şoray, Bergüzar Korel and Oya Başar Names such as Twitter announced that they do not use. But when we go to Twitter and search for their names, we come across many accounts opened in their names. Among them, although the majority of the pages opened by his fans and sharing good intentions about the famous name are in the majority, there are also those who turn this account into a source of livelihood by showing themselves as that person.

    It is not difficult to guess that they earn money from many things, from their retweets to the tweets they send. Moreover, many of these advertisements illegal betting sitesalso includes.

    Having difficulties in dealing with these accounts, Sezen Aksu also published a statement on her official website.

    So what do these people mean with these posts from invalid accounts?

    Mik Portal

    The gist is simple: ‘name’ people who are known and loved by society. to use. Accounts opened with the names of celebrities are instantly noticed by their fans. Moreover, these accounts “I opened a Twitter account” There may be some who believe that the person who opened the account is that famous. In this way, the number of followers is increasing rapidly.

    After the number of followers increases, the color of the shares starts to change one click. For example, they can make money with advertisements and cause confusion by sharing their positive or negative views on social problems. However, as we can see in the account opened under the name Beyazıt Öztürk, after reaching a certain number of followers, this They can sell accounts.

    When they sell accounts, they can earn thousands of lira.

    According to the information given to us by a content producer who once bought and sold Twitter accounts; An account with 200,000 followersapproximately 50 thousand TL can be sold. However, the accounts mentioned in the information we received do not include parody accounts. This measure may vary when you want to buy or sell a parody account.

    As a result, in essence, even if you are buying an account with many followers, it should be noted that this measure may increase when the username is a familiar name.

    Of course, it should not be forgotten that the account can be closed.

    Many parody accounts we have counted, currently inactive . Twitter takes a much stricter stance on bots and fake accounts than it used to. We see phrases such as “Parody” or “Fan” in the personal information section of many unverified accounts. The reason for this is against complaints that may go to Twitter. “I’m not impersonating a person, this is a parody account”to be able to say.

    As a matter of fact, these phrases may not be enough for more than one time. When you are complained by the name you opened the parody account, or when there are too many complaints about your account, Twitter may examine and suspend the account. So if you bought this account wasted your moneyyou can be.

    How will we detect fake accounts?

    There is more than one way to spot fake accounts. However, it is more difficult to understand whether the social media accounts of these names, whose photos can be found everywhere, are real or not. The first thing you can do for this is in the personal information section. parody or fan It should be checked to see if there are such words. Although there are phrases such as ‘Official’ or ‘Official’, most of these accounts are related to that name itself. Because even if it’s not related to him, he will be taken by Twitter in a short time. detected and bannedyou can see.

    Another thing you can do different social media accounts. and if there is one should have a look at the website. If you haven’t come across a random statement about the account you suspect, you can also do a little Google search. In the statements they make from time to time, these names we know can also make pronunciations about their fake or real accounts in the social media. However, with other social media accounts A discrepancy amid Twitter posts It can also give information about whether the account is fake or not. For example, if one account has just come out of an Istanbul concert and the other account is suffering from love, this is most likely an invalid account.

    Let me state once again that; Not all of these accounts work in the same form. There are hundreds of accounts that open pages under the name of ‘fan’ just because they admire a celebrity and do not harm anyone. For this reason, it would not be true to put them all in the same bucket. What you see on social media again Don’t believe every Elon Musk.


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