How to Change Highlight Cover in Instagram Story?

    Instagram continues to offer new features to its users every day. Of course, with each new feature, our use of the application continues to …

    How to Change Highlight Cover in Instagram Story?

    Instagram continues to offer new features to its users every day. Of course, with each new feature, our use of the application continues to increase many times over, and social media applications continue to be in the middle of our lives. We enjoy sharing the photos we love on Instagram as a story or as a post. But the things we share on the story side are automatically deleted after 24 hours. right here on this side, featured feature Activated. Thanks to the Highlights feature, you can pin your desired story to your profile, even if it is deleted. Of course, these highlights are a highlight coverYou have the ability to add

    While some users use the photos they took as the highlight cover, some users prefer to use special designs. But we are sure that there are quite a few people around you who use the featured feature. Even corporate companies can pin certain information they want to pin to their Instagram profiles thanks to the featured feature. If you wish, without further ado, Instagram how to change the highlight coverLet’s move on to our guide.

    How to change the highlight cover in Instagram stories?

    Step #1: Launch Instagram
    Step #2: Click the profile button on the bottom right
    Step #3: Click the “Edit boost” button
    Step #4: Click the Edit Cover button
    Step #5: Select the cover and click done

    First, what are Instagram highlights good for?

    Before we move on to our guide, Instagram highlights feature We need to learn what it does. If we explain this with examples; Imagine that you are sharing a story. This story is automatically removed by Instagram exactly 24 hours after you share it. If you want, you can view the same story again from the Archive section. However, users who follow you cannot view you again. This is where the featured feature comes into play.

    Instagram highlights feature, after 24 hours It ensures that your stories remain in a fixed form on your profile, even though they are deleted. Thanks to your featured stories positioned in ellipses quickly under your name and bio, your followers can always view your pinned stories as.

    How to change Instagram highlight cover photo?

    Step #1: Launch Instagram

    Firstly, Instagram You need to start the application. You can do this process quickly on your smartphone or tablet. Log in to the Instagram application to be able to process on your profile. You will see the main flow page and stories.

    Step #2: Click the profile button on the bottom right

    Below are some abbreviations. You will see main stream, explore, reels, market and profile buttons. on the far right of these Profile Click the button. Here you will come across your profile. Quickly below the “Edit My Profile” button are your featured stories. First, you need to select your featured story for which you want to edit the cover photo. The process you are going to do only works when you choose the highlight.

    Step #3: Click the “Edit boost” button

    If you’ve found the highlight whose cover you want to change, click on it. hold down . You will come across many options. With these you can delete your boost, edit it, send it to someone, convert it to a Reels image and copy the URL contact. for us at the moment Edit Boost button is required. Press this button.

    Step #4: Click the Edit Cover button

    The featured edit panel will appear. From here, you can remove stories from your highlights, add new stories, and edit the name and cover photo of your highlights. To edit the cover photo, click the button below the current cover photo. “Edit Cover” Click the button. Apart from that, if you want to change the title of your highlights, you can quickly type the new title in the space below the edit cover button. If you delete and save the current title, it will automatically remain as Highlights.

    Step #5: Select the cover and click done

    A new page will open where you can choose the cover. You can choose two types of covers on this page. The first of these, from your featured stories You can choose one of them as the cover photo. So, for example, if there are 6 stories in your featured one, one of these 6 stories can be your featured cover. Another option is to click on the gallery icon on the far right of the ribbon below.

    When you click on the gallery icon, your smartphone in your gallery You can make a random number of the featured photos as your featured cover. You are under no obligation to share any of these photos in your story. That is, you can add it to your featured cover directly from your gallery.

    Why don’t highlights appear?

    If you can’t view the user’s highlights, click that user’s stories. hidden from you it could be. That is, if he has added you to the list of those who cannot view it in the story settings, you will not be able to see the highlight lineup along with the stories of that user. This is the easiest system to understand, if there is another account that follows the user, you can control it from that account. Of course, it should not have blocked the account you control.

    Another procedure is if the featured ones If the account of the user you cannot view is public, you can confirm it from a random profile. Since the user’s profile is not unknown, the account you will control will not need to follow him. In this way, you will be able to control the highlights quickly.

    How to hide highlights?

    Highlights directly to a user you can’t hide . However, when you hide your story from the story settings to the users you don’t want, your highlights will be hidden automatically. For example; You do not want Emirhan to see your stories. That’s why you hid your stories from Emirhan. Emirhan will not automatically be able to see your highlights. Because your highlights are a lineup of your stories. Since he can’t see your stories, he naturally won’t be able to see them either.

    Do users who view your story show up when they look at your highlights?

    If your story in the highlights, last 24 hours If it has been shared in, you can access the list showing who viewed it. But if more than 24 hours have passed since you shared that story, unfortunately you cannot view it. For this reason, you need to make sure how long ago the stories that you cannot access the information of who viewed them were shared.

    Instagram for you how to change the highlight cover We prepared the guide. When you follow these steps one by one, the cover image in the Instagram highlights section will change quickly. If you haven’t used the highlight feature before, you can add a new highlight by clicking the New button quickly below the Edit My Profile button. Are you using the featured feature? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments.


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