How to do YouTube ad blocking?

    YouTube ads is increasing rapidly. In the past weeks, we shared with you that YouTube will now show 5-10 ads before each view. Ads are of …

    How to do YouTube ad blocking?
    YouTube ads is increasing rapidly. In the past weeks, we shared with you that YouTube will now show 5-10 ads before each view. Ads are of course necessary for the survival of the platform, but the number is increasing and the ads are not skipped. On the other hand, even to watch 4K, you need a YouTube Premium subscription. Fortunately, YouTube ad blocking methods There is and it’s very easy. In this guide How to block YouTube ads on phone, computer and TV?we are telling.

    How to block YouTube ads ❓

    If you’re tired of Google’s ads that make the platform unbearable, remove YouTube ads If you are looking for the way, you are in the real place. It is not as difficult as you think to block YouTube ads that appear at the beginning, middle or unexpected moment of the video (no matter what device you are using). If you don’t want to spend money on YouTube Premium, you can go for the ad-free YouTube experience. YouTube ad blocker extensions you should take a look. Some ad blockers can be used on both mobile and desktop. Since some can be installed as a program on Windows and Mac computers, we can also call it a YouTube ad blocking program. Now, how to block YouTube ads on all platforms? see.

    YouTube ad blocking Android 🤖

    especially on mobile block YouTube ads on phone how is it? is asked a lot. How to do YouTube ad blocking on the first Android phone as Android is the more common platform? we will tell. naturally that YouTube ad blocker for Android We will also recommend the app. First of all, let’s look at how YouTube ad blocking is done on an Android phone, then let’s move on to the details.
    1. YouTube ad blocker programs or applications such as AdGuard, AdBlock, AdLock
    2. Ad-free internet browsers
    3. VPN services
    4. YouTube video viewing programs
    5. YouTube apps with mods

    Ad-free web browsers protect your online privacy by routing all traffic through their own servers. These types of apps are available in both Google Play Store and APK download requests. Compared to SimilarWeb, in the middle of the most robust and well-known browsers; There are Brave Browser, AVG Browser, Tor Browser, Ghostery Privacy Browser. All of these ad-free web browsers offer various features including but not limited to tracker blocking, ad blocker, built-in VPN and closed mode. The ad-blocking feature of these internet browsers is enough to enjoy ad-free and uninterrupted viewing of YouTube videos. You can easily access the ad-blocking function in these browsers with a few taps. However, it should be noted that these browsers do not block ads in Android apps and games, including the YouTube app. When you enter the YouTube portable site, you can enjoy ad-free viewing.

    You can use VPN to block YouTube ads. VPN apps can block ads as well as have the ability to reroute traffic through servers around the world. However, installing a VPN application on your Android phone does not mean that you can watch ad-free YouTube videos. Some VPN services offer ad blocking as a complementary feature, so its main function is not to remove YouTube ads. Also, few Android VPN programs have ad-blocking functionality. There are a few nice VPN apps that you can also use as ad blockers, such as NordVPN, Surfshark, Atlas VPN, Proton VPN.

    ad blocker for android While it’s the easiest way to block YouTube ads, it’s not the only way. Well, how to block YouTube ads without ad blocker? Third-party tools and modded YouTube apps that display YouTube footage. Quite a few YouTube clients allow you to remove ads without rooting your phone. YouTube clients, which are compatible with many Android devices, are unsafe, they do not work stable and you need to be careful when giving permissions. There are many sites where you can watch YouTube videos such as Watchkin, View Pure, By copying and pasting the link of the YouTube image, you can enjoy just watching the image without ads, without comments.

    YouTube Vanced is one of the top modded YouTube apps with true black theme and customization options. Ad-free YouTube, Vanced, one of the first applications that comes to mind when it comes to YouTube background playback, announced that it said goodbye to its users in March 2022. Although the official download site of the application could not be accessed for a while, the application was opened for download again. If you are having trouble downloading or installing YouTube Vanced on your phone (despite the microg update), there are many alternative apps you can use; Like NewPipe, SkyTube, LibreTube. with app name YouTube ad blocking APKYou can download some of them directly from their site.

    How is ad blocking on Android phone without root? We have another offer for those who ask; Ad blocker apps for android. For example; Let’s see how to block YouTube ads with Adguard.

    1. Open the YouTube app and open the image you want to watch.
    2. Tap the Share button.
    3. Select AdGuard from the list of applications.

    Due to the technical limitations of Android phones, no ad blocker can block the ads shown directly in the YouTube app. YouTube ad blockers can block ads that appear while watching in the browser.

    YouTube ad blocking iOS 📱

    None of the ad blockers recognized in the App Store are capable of blocking the ads shown in the YouTube app. But some offer ad-free YouTube experience. Some of the YouTube ad blockers for Android phones can also be downloaded to iPhones. If you are an iOS platform user, there are two ways to block YouTube ads; Using one of the ad blockers such as AdGuard, AdBlock, AdLock and entering YouTube from the Safari browser. Now, How to block YouTube ads on iPhoneLet’s look in detail.

    Safari is finite with its pop-up blocking function, preventing the download of malicious and unreliable ad scripts while surfing the web. It may help in certain scenarios, but unfortunately not for watching YouTube without ads. Fortunately, there are several third-party ad-blocking apps on the App Store. These types of apps are designed to remove any random ad from a web page, including YouTube, regardless of ad type and source. After installing it on your phone, it is enough to add it to the Safari content blockers list. We can recommend Adblock ad blocker for YouTube app. Adblock YouTubeThe ad blocking steps are pretty easy:

    1. Download and install the ad blocker on your phone by searching for “Download AdBlock” in the App Store.
    2. Go to Settings and tap Safari.
    3. Enter Extensions.
    4. Allow AdBlock content blocker.
    5. Restart your phone, then Safari.

    9 of the most recognizable YouTube ad blockers and ad blockers ❌

    • AdBlock Plus (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Android, iOS)
    • AdBlock (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Android, iOS)
    • AdGuard (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)
    • AdLock (Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, iOS)
    • Ghostery (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Android, iOS)
    • Adblocker for YouTube (Chrome, Firefox)
    • 1Blocker (iOS, Mac)
    • Firefox Focus (Android, iOS)
    • AdClear (Android, iOS)

    YouTube ad blocking PC 🖥

    The easiest way to block YouTube ads on computer is to install an ad-blocking extension for your preferred web browser. You can remove any ads that you find annoying, including YouTube ads, in three popular internet browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. It doesn’t matter if you are a Windows PC or Mac computer user, it can be used on all operating systems as it is a browser plug-in.

    Chrome YouTube ad blocking 🔽

    With an ad blocker like AdBlock Plus, you can block YouTube ads in Chrome and watch all the content you want ad-free. It’s very easy to block ads in Chrome. All you have to do is go to from the Chrome browser and install AdBlock Plus. YouTube ad blocking for Chrome extension not only blocks ads that appear on YouTube before the video starts, it also stops pop-ups, spyware, and people watching your online activity. Google Chrome YouTube ad blocker AdBlock Plus, when installed, appears in the browser menu and automatically starts filtering offensive ad content. You can download the free ad blocker AdBlock Plus from the Chrome web store.

    Mozilla YouTube ad blocking 🔽

    Blocking YouTube ads in Firefox All you have to do is use an ad and pop-up blocker like AdBlock. To remove YouTube ads, go to in your Firefox browser and install AdBlock. Firefox YouTube ad blocker prevents ads as well as advertisers from tracking you online. How to download? If so, you can download the latest version of AdBlock for Firefox from the Firefox add-on store.

    Opera YouTube ad blocking 🔽

    Opera browser comes with ad blocker. To block ads You do not need to install an extension (plugin), it is enough to turn on ad-blocking in the browser settings. If Opera’s built-in ad blocker wasn’t effective at removing YouTube ads, you can install AdGuard if you’re looking for an Opera YouTube ad blocker. AdGuard helps you block all unwanted ads (pop-ups, banners, text ads, etc.) including YouTube images.

    YouTube ad blocking TV 📺

    Block YouTube ads on Android TV very easy. On your smart TV go to Settings, tap Network, select the WiFi/Ethernet network you are connected to and switch from DHCP to Static. Finally enter your modem’s IP address, set the network prefix length to 24. Change the DNS server to (AdGuard DNS). Set DNS 2 to as well. When you start your Android TV again, you can watch YouTube ad-free.

    This method works on most Android TVs including Google, Philips, Samsung, Sony, TCL and even Xiaomi Mi TV/Box. By changing the DNS server, you prevent ads, including YouTube ads, from being uploaded to your Android TV.

    In this guide article, how to block YouTube ads on phone and PC? we told. We’ve covered the neatest, most recognizable YouTube ad blocker extensions and how to use them. can be done by everyone YouTube ad-free viewing We talked about systems. YouTube ad removal is quite easy as you can see, but don’t forget to open YouTube ads for your favorite publishers.


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