Killer Robots Are Already Around Us!

    What we usually see in science fiction works killer robots It is one of the things that humanity fears most to become a reality in the years to …

    Killer Robots Are Already Around Us!

    What we usually see in science fiction works killer robots It is one of the things that humanity fears most to become a reality in the years to come. Every day, we come across a new ‘killer robot’ themed production. The most recent example of this is Apple TV+’s upcoming movie ‘Dolly’. Adapted from a short story, the production takes a bet on a killer robot that kills its billionaire owner. When we go back to before, we encounter these robots in many cinemas such as Terminator and iRobot.

    These robots in movies are often depicted as devices with a frightening appearance, with a human-like structure. We even see animal-like robots portrayed as such things. Well, what would you think if we told you that these ‘killer robots’ are already in our lives? Let’s take a look at this issue together.

    Killer robots are already being used

    Although the cinemas that examine this issue are successful, they do not make many false claims about real ‘killer robots’. Because these devices, which we encounter in reality, are just like in the movies. not malicious and conscious humanoid robots. It would not be a wrong guess to say that there are still many years for the technologies that will enable those robots to exist. There is even the possibility that robots that can be described as ‘sensitive’ on the contrary to the feared do not really exist.

    So what are the current ‘killer robots’? For this, we need to look at technologies that are easier than robots in cinemas. These technologies are currently used by many countries. autonomous weapon systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles.Although these tools are very useful in many areas, they can turn into disastrous things when armed.

    So you see, cinemas like ‘Eye in the Sky’ and ‘Angel Has Fallen’; Manufactures that best describe the word ‘killer robot’ because of the easy, armed drones. When we watch the news every day, we see that this style of technology has now replaced the classical military vehicles. This reveals that wars are now much different than they used to be, with things like drones and autonomous tanks.

    Of course, it must be said that it is frightening that autonomous weapon systems play a role in identifying and destroying goals. Possible ethical, legal, and technical discussions in a more dangerous direction It brings the truth and reveals that autonomous weapon systems can turn into reality, to some extent, the ‘killer robots’ we see in cinemas in the coming years. For this reason, many breakthroughs have been made on the subject.

    Companies and countries have already started to take action

    In the past weeks; The world’s leading robotics companies, such as Boston Dynamics, Agility Robotics, ANYbotics, Clearpath Robotics, Open Robotics and Unitree Robotics, made decisions regarding robot platforms. These companies, which also stand out in artificial intelligence, that they will never arm their robot platformsannounced.

    It should be added that this is not the first time the issue has come up. Five years ago, the founders of many artificial intelligence and robotics companies, including Elon Musk, sent an open letter to the use of killer robots. These attacks show that measures have already been taken regarding ‘killer robots’.

    However, it should be noted that this may not be enough. Earlier with a third partyr had integrated a gun into the dog robot, which looked like it had come out of Boston Dynamics’ Black Mirror series.

    So you see, it’s up to us to prevent autonomous weapon systems from leading us to a dire future. According to experts, the most appropriate way to avoid such a future is for nations to act collectively and to use these systems, just as with nuclear weapons. regulations bringing in. Previously, many countries and prominent names brought this issue to the agenda by inviting the United Nations about killer robots.

    Could Turkey be a drone power?

    Of course, when talking about such technologies, our country should not be overlooked. Turkey, Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SİHA) one of the leading countries in production. The drones used in Ukraine, which is at war with Russia, are helping Turkey’s technological progress. In addition, the high production of these vehicles reveals that the country can have a strong position in the field of drones in the coming years. It should not go without saying that these autonomous weapon systems should be used in real terms so that a great future does not occur.


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