Meaning of Colors and Prancing Horse in Ferrari’s Logo

    Few of the dozens of brands that have a role in the automobile world have been able to bring their name to a position known and desired by all …

    Meaning of Colors and Prancing Horse in Ferrari’s Logo

    Few of the dozens of brands that have a role in the automobile world have been able to bring their name to a position known and desired by all age groups. Indisputably, one of the automotive giants that achieved this success first. It’s Ferrari.

    engraved on yellow font You know the rampaging black horse. So how much do we know about the images in Ferrari’s logo? Here is the adventure of the emergence of this world-famous logo…

    First, let’s talk about the variations of the logo.

    The first variation The prancing horse, engraved in black on top of a rectangular emblemthe second is the image of a prancing horse engraved on a background reminiscent of an ancient war shield.

    This horse has the letters S on the left side and the letters F on the right side. These letters are the initials of Scuderia Ferrari. Scuderia means “horse” in Italian. Scuderia Ferrari can be translated as ‘The Horses of Ferrari’ . It is possible to see the color combinations of the Italian flag in Ferrari’s logo variations adapted to the contemporary world (You can see these different logos in other images).

    It is a situation we are used to seeing images of horses in cars.

    Horse of Ford Mustang a running Mustang horse Porsche’s homeland is Stuttgart, Germany, and the region is famous for its horses. In fact, Porsche’s first building was formerly a horse farm, so the prancing horse is just two examples. What about Ferrari?

    All cars have a special horse, but Ferrari’s horse the kind that treads history. Because Ferrari’s horse was not related to Ferrari in the first place. The black prancing horse image is actually Count Francesco Baracca It was a symbol of. Francesco was a skilled Italian fighter pilot who fought during the World War I period. He used to carry this prancing black horse above all the planes he commanded.

    Some historical authorities by the Duke of Savoy in 1962 Traces of this horse were found on used flags. Some people describe this horse in Francesco’s plane as evidence that he defeated a pilot in Stuttgart as a result of a duel, which, as I mentioned before, is a region famous for its horses.

    Although this information is a little blurry, Francesco, who is known for his outstanding success by defeating over thirty pilots, losing his last duelHe passed away and continued to be remembered as a popular folk hero.

    Enzo Ferrari had the opportunity to meet Count Enrico Baracca and Countess Pailano Baracca in 1923 after winning a race held in the Savio region. In their mid-speech, Enzo talks about his excitement for his brand, while Countess Pailano tells Enzo in their car. using the prancing black horseHe claimed that it would bring luck to him and his company and made an offer to him to use this image.

    The Italian flag does not have yellow, but why is the font of the logo yellow?

    If the yellow color in the font of the logo is Modena It is a reference to the city. The yellow color Ferrari used for Modena, the city where it was born, is also reflected in the bodywork of many cars it produces.

    The original color of Ferrari is not red, but yellow. However, the reason why they shifted to red over time was that the color red was a regulation in the motor sports activities organized in the old periods. The biggest reason for this regulation is the fatal accidents in the newspapers, on the body of the car. it was obvious that the traces of spilled blood were evident.The racing cars had to be red so that these traces of blood would not be evident in the black and white newspapers.

    This was seen as a necessary rule in the name of not disrespecting both the public and the racers. After that, Ferrari had to move away from its main colors, yellow, although it changed its body colors. did not change its yellow font.

    If you happen to come across a Ferrari on your way, we recommend adding the logo to your admiration for its design and engineering.


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