Misogynist Insights and Violent ‘Beliefs’

    We often discuss what the internet and social media have added to and taken from our lives. Well, the dimensions of these gains and losses …

    Misogynist Insights and Violent ‘Beliefs’

    We often discuss what the internet and social media have added to and taken from our lives. Well, the dimensions of these gains and losses, which are generally related to social relations and human psychology, are actually Have we ever thought how important it could be?

    So yes, the scientists conducting research on these bets are aware of that. However, our subject is not them, it is a 15-year-old teenager who spends almost all his waking life on a random platform on the Internet, or an antisocial person trying to create his own social world on the Internet.

    These people, regardless of male or female, increasingly trapped in their ‘online world’they lead to wrong opinions and disappear… Incel is a ‘community’ that came to the fore with many individuals who ‘think like themselves’ and magnifies the hatred towards women, and unfortunately the ideas of this community led to the death of dozens of people.

    No one can punch you in the online world…

    Because our online lives, especially when there is a ‘blessing’ such as ‘anonymity’, are so faithful (!) that such faithful and of a space where we drown in our own echo chamber We don’t even think it’s possible that it’s affecting us badly. In fact, it is quite difficult for us to notice. Because the job of the algorithm is to show us what we want.

    For example, we say that we hate apples, let’s see what! We are not alone, there are a lot of people who don’t like apples. and obviously not liking apples is a very common and ‘correct’ thought… If there is an apple lover in the middle, what can he do? He’s not in the mood to punch us, jump off the screen, talk a little, leave… After all, we’re right, look how crowded we are!

    ‘I hate women, it’s impossible for my life to get right, so I must kill and die’

    The concept of Incel became established in internet culture when it was first used on a website established by a Canadian student in the 1990s. This is our friend by sharing experiences of ‘non-existent’ bonds and sexualityWaiting for comments, then on this website, people of all genders begin to tell their own sexual and disconnected stories.

    On the basis of the event ‘excluded’, ‘marginal’, ‘marginalized and marginalized due to mental health issues’ He has the idea of ​​being able to talk about sexuality and interest issues on an inclusive platform. On the site where these ‘reluctant singles’ came to a head, the word ‘incel’ started to be used as an abbreviation. In other words, when he set out, the subject had nothing to do with misogyny or ‘poor men’. But unfortunately things have changed…

    Today, incels use this expression as an abbreviation for “involuntary celibate” (‘reluctant bachelors’). This as a relation of ‘reluctant celibacy’on the other hand, by choosing men based on their unfortunate and never-recoverable atrocities, their genetics (like not having a muscular body or sharp facial features), their psychology, their social status, and all they know is these criteria. which is to turn ‘poor’ men off the line They show women. Incels give the name ‘chad’ to ‘genetically correct’ and ‘lucky’ men.

    According to the thin people, women are inferior, sex, money and status-loving creatures. Compared to thinners women’s increasing ’empowerment’ and increased freedom to choose their own partners It’s a big mistake and these ladies deserve the worst punishment. When we say punishment here, unfortunately, we are talking about a wide scale from rape to death.

    Again, they separate themselves, men who are ‘handsome’ ‘muscular’ ‘rich’ and will make a lady ‘feel like a princess’While they are the only purpose of women, the incels, who do not have these, do not hesitate to openly call themselves poor, hate themselves and their fate, pity each other, and turn this pain into hatred and violence.

    Especially on platforms such as Reddit, thinners magnify their poisonous intentions by interacting and nurturing each other. But after the great debates in recent years, platforms such as Reddit, subreddits etc. However, the published reports show that there was a 59% increase in the ‘mass murder’ notices published by incellers in the middle of 2021-2022.

    Incels became the main characters of murder and suicide news…

    Individuals who are ‘incel’, who feed and grow their hatred by spending time in forums where thin people come to a middle, have in the past. they became the main character of many evil events.Almost all of the incidents ended in murder and then suicide.

    For example, in 2009 a man named George Sodini first killed three women subsequently killed himself. Footprints on the internet showed that he was an ‘incel’. He hated women and wanted them dead… More importantly, this man’s actions as ‘going Sodini’ turned into a ‘statement’ and glorified in the middle of their thin community.

    In the following years in dozens of similar cases. Many people who define themselves as thin, talk about hatred of women in forums and social media frequently, and express their opinions about suicide, murder and rape have killed and died. Moreover, when one of the middlemen mentions suicide ideas, instead of trying to stop him, he also instigates murder with words such as “since you’re going to go, don’t go alone”.

    These individuals, who are far from common sense, self-confidence and conscience, Because they avoid taking responsibility in order to solve their personal problems and be a healthy individual.dozens of innocent people lost their lives…

    Why would a person do this to himself?

    We have seen examples of the damage that the hatred of the Incels can cause, and I want to talk about why one throws oneself into such a trauma pit and how one can normalize hatred so much.

    To make an easy drawing of the audience that says ‘incel’; male, mostly heterosexual, often with a history of rejection by a femaleWe are talking about a community that spreads to a very large audience in the middle of the age range of 14-35.

    But there are more critical commonalities. Almost all of the incels they hate their own body, life and social status . They feel that they are in a hopeless position, that they have no luck and will not experience sex or a romantic relationship.

    This is the difference between a Chad and an Incel compared to the Incels. Facial lines, nose, bone structure…

    Because compared to them their appearance is dependent on their genetics and cannot be changed, their status and social life are again blocked in this way, especially by women, and they cannot develop it either. Men who always order women on how they should look, tell them how to live their lives, and don’t hesitate to kill when it’s not the way they want, hate women because they can’t do what they want anymore… Quite ironic…

    Especially at a young age, the answers received in the contact with the other party for sex or a romantic relationship can affect the psychology of the person badly. Also again regardless of the person’s genderHis inability to bear the burdens placed on him by the society and his inability to find a label to which he is included also affects his psychology very badly.

    In such scenarios, these people need to be reinforced, reconciled with themselves, and paved the way for them to become a social individual. But for thinners, the situation is the opposite. Because they feel related and admitted their ‘poorness’ , moreover, they find a community that has succeeded in turning this ‘psychology of inferiority’ into hatred and directing it to another source. As such, rather than trying to discover and accept themselves. they prefer to spew hate and not take responsibility . Although this is a great behavior and a wrong way, unfortunately the easiest way for an individual in that psychology… Therefore, their number is increasing.

    The ‘fake lives’ inflated by social media and internet culture are highly influential on thin people.

    As you have noticed by now, thinners are always in a comparison. For a lady to ‘choose them’ they should be handsome, wealthy, strong believes; And because they cannot be that way, they are filled with despair and hatred. Then they make killing, rape and violence legal on their own.

    This brutal, inhumane viewpoint far from reality reflected in social media and even porn culture the work of a view. Unfortunately, it is true that this kind of perception is reflected… How young people who use social media look, what they have, what kind of life they live, how nice or beautiful they are means ‘everything’ to them.

    This puts tremendous pressure on all young people, regardless of gender. Young men and women who try to look like ‘that woman/man’ with aesthetics, those who try to take pictures in their cars where the logo is definitely visible, those who try to make their lives as colorful as possible. those who give up their own reality to make it look nice, strong…

    Another mistake is that the woman’s sexuality and life the idea that it should be under the control of men only in nurturing societies. The lady becomes the wife of the man chosen for her, gives him children, does whatever he wants. When he tries to choose his partner, of course, he must be punished… This sick intention, choosing to deny their own shortcomings and responsibilitiesturns into a terrible trump card used by unconscious, ignorant and malicious people.

    In 2022, those who still make women’s individual rights and freedoms a subject of discussion, those who talk about the ‘right and wrong’ of women’s freedoms, besides endangering the lives of millions of women, cause many such irrational events…

    On how to be ‘the most ideal’ for both men and womenthose who try to draw boundaries, Those who don’t stop making silly sentences that start with ‘what you call a woman’ and ‘what you call a man’they should be equally responsible and ready to suffer remorse.

    Sources: Center For Research and Evidence on Security Threats, BBC News, The Conversation, The New Yorker

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