New Nissan X-Trail Coming to Turkey in November!

    After its first launch in 2001, it is one of the world’s most recognizable family vehicles, with sales of nearly 7 million all over the world …

    New Nissan X-Trail Coming to Turkey in November!

    After its first launch in 2001, it is one of the world’s most recognizable family vehicles, with sales of nearly 7 million all over the world. Nissan X-Trail, It will raise the bar in the SUV segment to the next level. Customers who enjoy adventure will enjoy the dynamic performance and advanced electric driving technologies offered by the advanced electric all-wheel drive powertrain e-4ORCE and the new generation X-Trail.

    e-POWER powertrain

    The new X-Trail will be the second model in Nissan’s European range to be equipped with the innovative e-POWER drive system. Nissan’s exclusive e-POWER system, a unique approach to electrification without the need for charging electric driving experience. The e-POWER system was first used in the family car Note in Japan in 2017. Due to its wireless use and effortless performance, the Note is in 2018. It became Japan’s best-selling car.The e-POWER system of the new X-Trail consists of a high output battery and an integrated powertrain with a variable compression fuel oil engine, generator, inverter and 150 kW front electric motor.

    This unique powertrain system, where the power to the wheels comes only from the electric motor, ensures that the accelerator pedal reacts instantly and at the same rate as it is pressed. To meet the demands of European consumers and daily urban driving needs, the e-POWER features have been significantly enhanced in the new X-Trail. The Japanese Note model featured a 1.2-liter petrol engine that recharges the battery unit with a final output of 106 hp. For Europe, the switch has been made to the 1.5-liter variable compression turbocharged engine that delivers a definitive power output of 150 kW (204PS). of e-POWER, using the fuel oil engine only to generate electricity and the wheels being driven entirely by the electric motorwith unique features.

    This ensures that the engine always runs in the optimum range and provides superior fuel efficiency in urban environments. Thanks to the 100% electric motor drive, there is no lag as with internal combustion engines or conventional hybrids. It makes it easier and safer to drive while overtaking or driving on the highway, as it reacts instantly and provides agile acceleration with high torque costs.

    The “linear adjustment”, which enables the gasoline engine to run and rotates at a suitable speed compared to the road speed, avoiding the “revolution” effect experienced in classic hybrids during sudden acceleration, is an integral module of the e-POWER installation design. The second benefit is presented as the improvements made to enable the engine to run at the low speed it needs, mostly in urban and residential conditions. In addition to these advantages, The e-POWER driving system guarantees a quiet ride,For example, the sound of a car with e-POWER technology traveling 40 km per hour is 8db less than its competitors.

    4X4 comfort with e-4ORCE technology

    A new all-wheel drive system designed to work with Nissan’s electric powertrains has been introduced with this new X-Trail launching in Europe. e-4ORCE, Nissan’s most advanced all-wheel drive technology, offers reliable traction and acceleration in all conditions. The “e” in e-4ORCE stands for Nissan’s 100% electric motor propulsion system. “4ORCE”,While describing the physical strength and power of the vehicle, “4” represents all-wheel drive.

    The system will also be featured on the Ariya electric crossover, which will later launch in 2022. The powerful dual e-motor system has a total output power of 157 kW (213PS) thanks to the 94 kW after-engine that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds. Compared to a mechanical all-wheel drive system, the after-torque reaction is 10,000 times faster. In addition, the constant torque distribution and near-wonderful load stability contribute to confident handling and ride comfort, while still being strong. It provides a smooth driving experience.

    By managing the power output and braking performance specifically for each wheel, the e-4ORCE maintains smoothness and stability, and stays on the main line on almost any road surface without ever needing to change its driving style or input, making the driver feel more confident. For example, on snow-covered roads vehicle while cornering, ultra-high precision engine, torque distribution and brake control Thanks to this, the driver can stay on the line he wants to stay. With the confidence of handling such a variety of road surfaces, driving becomes more enjoyable and the driver feels confident even in different driving scenarios.

    Engineers targeted the e-4ORCE’s precision control technology and twin electric motor to provide unmatched driving comfort. Rolling and springing are minimized by adding regenerative post-engine braking to the standard front-engine regenerative braking used in a typical electric vehicle and hybrid systems. In addition to optimizing front and after torque distribution, the system applies independent brake control to each of the four wheels to maximize cornering force.

    This allows the driver to take the corner with the least form of turning the actual steering wheel to the desired side. “The X-Trail with e-POWER and e-4ORCE is unique in its segment as the only 7-seat family crossover with an electric powertrain. “Exactly the vehicle adventurous families are looking for,” he says.

    The new X-Trail will be available in 15 body colours, including 10 single-colour and 5 dual-colour combinations.


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