New Works Introduced by Microsoft – October 12, 2022

    Technology giant Microsoft introduced its new products and services at the ‘Microsoft Event’ and Ignite conference that it held one after the …

    New Works Introduced by Microsoft – October 12, 2022

    Technology giant Microsoft introduced its new products and services at the ‘Microsoft Event’ and Ignite conference that it held one after the other last night. Surface laptops and desktop computers were also included in the midst of the company’s newly introduced products.

    In addition to Surface computers, Microsoft also announced its artificial intelligence-based drawing tool that can rival DALL-E. However, the event encompassed much more than that. Let’s take a closer look at all the works and services that Microsoft introduced on October 12, 2022.

    Brand new laptops: Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5

    Newcomer joining Microsoft’s mid-range of laptop models Surface Pro 9 and Laptop 5, There are two models that appeal to users who prefer different usage experiences. The Surface Pro 9 basically functioned as a tablet, while the Laptop 5 was a standard thin case computer whose screen could not be separated from the keyboard.

    Surface Pro 9 is based on Intel’s 12th generation processor, 13-inch screen and 5G connectivity support gives place. Offering 19 hours of battery life, the computer can be separated from the keyboard and used as a tablet.

    Surface Laptop 5 also includes Intel’s 12th generation processors exactly. in the model 13.5 inches and 15 inches You can choose two different screen sizes. All of these screens have touch control reinforcement. Surface Pro 5 offers 17 hours of usage.

    both models Starting at $1,000will be available for sale.

    Microsoft’s most valuable Surface model: Surface Studio 2+ desktop computer

    Microsoft also introduced the Surface Studio 2+, the renewed model of the desktop Surface Studio computer that it launched in the past years. 28 inch screen The all-in-one desktop computer comes with an Intel Core H-35 processor. But the most upsetting aspect of the computer is the price tag.

    Finally, the desktop Surface computer, which appeared in 2018, had a price tag of $ 3,499. However, Microsoft has lowered the price of the original Surface desktop computer. $4,299 determined as. This price is for those who prefer to buy the computer with a stylus. $4,499will be.

    New Audio Dock and Presenter+ for meetings:

    Microsoft has introduced a new technology that integrates with the Teams platform and focuses specifically on meetings. Audio Dock and Presenter+ introduced their devices. The Microsoft Audio Dock will act as an all-in-one speaker with its two USB-C, HDMI and USB-A inputs. Device, from $249.99will be available for sale.

    Microsoft Presenter+ will enable users to enhance their presentation experience. The remote allows you to skip slides/pages with the buttons on it and allows you to turn off your microphone. Device, from $79.99will be available for sale.

    Accessory for the disabled:

    Microsoft, which has been helping people with disabilities access technology for years, has introduced new technologies that will make this access even better. adaptive accessories also announced. Disabled users will be able to purchase Microsoft’s new adaptive mouse, mouse tail, mouse finger rest, joystick, or D-pad keypad, and even these through Shapeways In 3D printing, they will be able to customize it completely according to themselves.

    Microsoft has not yet shared a price for its new accessories. Accessories, on 25 Octoberwill be available for sale.

    iCloud is coming to Windows 11:

    Apple users, via the ‘Photos’ application of the Windows 11 operating system They will be able to easily see the photos they have uploaded to iCloud. The feature is currently available in the current developer version of the operating system. It will be made available to all users in the near future.

    Competitor app to Canva with Microsoft’s DALL-E 2 partnership: Designer

    Microsoft has announced Designer, a new design app priced specifically as a competitor to Canva. completely free The application that will be announced will be an application based on DALL-E. Users will be able to open a new page in design with the integration of DALL-E 2 and Microsoft Designer.

    Microsoft’s Windows 365 app for cloud computers has been released:

    Microsoft took a new step for its Windows 365 Cloud PC service, which it launched last year. It will allow you to easily access and organize cloud PCs. The Windows 365 app has been released on the Microsoft Store.

    Apple Music has arrived on Xbox consoles:

    The integration that Xbox owners who are Apple Music users have been waiting for a long time has finally arrived. Apple’s music platform Added to Apple Music, Xbox and Microsoft stores.

    Premium subscription is coming to Microsoft Teams:

    Microsoft for the Teams platform at the Ignite event it organized together with the Surface event Premium subscription package introduced. The package, which will be released in a preview version in December 2022, will provide users with features such as meeting offers, branded meeting experiences, live translation, personalized summary and smart meeting summary.

    Special tool for bosses transitioning to hybrid work: Microsoft Places

    Microsoft, especially for bosses transitioning to a hybrid work system Places app introduced. The special tool developed for Microsoft 365 will tell bosses when employees come and go to the office, so it can suggest the most suitable meeting days. In addition, each employee can be followed up on the day they are in the office.


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