Our ‘National Anthem’ Has Been Painted With Artificial Intelligence

    Previously, artificial intelligence, ” AtaturkWhat would it look like if he lived in contemporary times?” to react caused. Without going into …

    Our ‘National Anthem’ Has Been Painted With Artificial Intelligence

    Previously, artificial intelligence, ” AtaturkWhat would it look like if he lived in contemporary times?” to react caused. Without going into those parts, just by looking at these images, artificial intelligence has been in the last years. big improvementIt’s gratifying to see it show.

    We have also evaluated the opportunities offered by this development and have artificial intelligence We have prepared different content to see the endings. In this context, we explained the Turkish music words, the dreams of the Webtekno group and the names of independent Turkish music groups to artificial intelligence. In our current content, the Fit Culture page National AnthemWe look at the images it has obtained by explaining it to artificial intelligence.

    Let’s talk about the details before we get started.

    your images midjourney Let’s say it was created with Single language supplement on Midjourney English For this reason, it is necessary to translate and explain the words. Finally, let’s add that the visuals are not created by two lines, but by the expression of the whole continent. In other words, the 2 visuals you will see in each continent were created with the complete narration of that single continent.

    The heavy red draws attention in the images of the first continent, which looks like a painting:

    Do not be afraid, the red banner floating in these unquenchable dawns;

    The last stove that is smoking on my country before it goes out.

    He is the star of my nation, he will shine;

    He is mine, he is my nation, but.

    We see that this redness continues in the second continent:

    Don’t fall, let me be a victim, O coy crescent!

    A rose to my heroic race… what is this violence, this majesty?

    Our spilled blood then you will not lawful,

    It is right, the one who worships God, the independence of my nation.

    If we did not say that the National Anthem was created with its narration, of course, many people would rightly attribute these images to Middle Earth:

    I have lived free since eternity, I will live free.

    Which madman would chain me? I’m surprised!

    I’m about a roaring flood; trample me, transcend me;

    I’ll tear apart mountains, exceed the heavens and still gush out.

    Midjourney, who saw the fourth continent, almost made a doomsday scenario from it:

    Steel armored wall, if it has surrounded the West;

    I have a frontier on my breast full of faith.

    Nation, do not be afraid! How can such a faith suffocate,

    “Civilization!” The one-toothed monster you said?

    Here, too, we see the presence of the country as a bulwark. But his armor is closer to western culture:

    Friend! Do not let the scoundrels into my country;

    Barricade your body, let alone this indecent flock.

    The days that God promised you will arise…

    Who knows, probably tomorrow… probably closer than tomorrow.

    Here; We can say that the peace obtained after all the events, difficulties, losses and victories has been adequately conveyed.

    The places you step on are “soil!” don’t go by saying, get to know!

    Think of the thousands of people lying without a shroud underneath.

    You are the son of a martyr, do not hurt, shame on your father;

    But may He not deprive me of my one true homeland for the world.

    The landscape taken from this continent also seems to be part of a mythological parable:

    Who would not be sacrificed for the sake of the heavenly homeland that?

    To gush Martyrs land tighter the şüheda!

    Let Huda take my soul, my soul, all my possessions,

    Do not let me be a dwarf from my only homeland in the world.

    It is very common to associate the adhan with the mosque, but connecting the mosque directly to Indian architecture is not very accurate:

    My soul’s desire from you, Divine, is this:

    Don’t let the private hand of my temple touch your chest!

    These adhans, whose testimony is the foundation of religion

    Eternal homeland on my groaning

    We know that many AIs that provide visualization services only focus on a part of the text when compressed. It seems like that’s the case here as well.

    At that time, I will prostrate a thousand times in ecstasy, if I have one;

    From every cerîham, Divine, my divorced and bloody age,

    I am emanating from the ground with a gushing spirit;

    At that time, I will rise to the Throne, probably my head.

    In the last stanza, we see the blood, dawn and ripple parts combined in an abstract form:

    You fluctuate like the dawn, O great crescent;

    Now get all my lawful bloodshed.

    There is no for you forever, no for my race, izmihlâl:

    It is right, the freedom of my flag that lived free;

    It is right, the independence of my people who worship God!


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