Peugeot 406’s Features That Are Now Inspired by the Ears

    In the history of the automobile, there are quite a few cars that will make you feel luxurious with their features and comfort, and offer almost …

    Peugeot 406’s Features That Are Now Inspired by the Ears

    In the history of the automobile, there are quite a few cars that will make you feel luxurious with their features and comfort, and offer almost the comfort of a Mercedes despite being so affordable. However, unfortunately, these cars are not well known in Turkey and they are not preferred because of this. Today, our guest will make 2022 model cars jealous with their features. Peugeot 406 model. With its heated and memory seats, powerful engine and many more features, the Peugeot 406 was one of the best quality cars of its period.

    Our expectations from a car are very clear. Comfort, power and technology. Peugeot 406 embodies the duo of comfort and power. But in a 2000 car, of course, we can’t expect Apple CarPlay. Regardless, we can say that it is a great advantage that we can reach a car with such comfort-based features in the price range of only 150-200 thousand TL. If you wish, without further ado Peugeot 406Let’s move on to our review.

    Provides a spacious interior: Electric Sunroof

    By refreshing the interior of the car, providing air circulation and changing the exterior of the car wonderfully. sunroof This feature is probably one of the features that should be in every car. Even if the interior of the car you are sitting in is black, you can get a completely spacious look thanks to the sunroof it has. The Peugeot 406 model also has a sunroof.

    You could have adjusted your seat automatically 22 years ago: Electric and memory seat

    Let’s go 22 years ago. While cars such as Renault Toros or Tofaş Şahin are widely used in the market, an electric seat with memory There were also 406 models with In order to have these features, you definitely do not need to get into luxury cars such as BMW or Mercedes. If you own a Peugeot 406, it was impossible not to feel the comfort.

    All leather seat

    Not half or partial leather, Peugeot 406 all leather He had a seat. If you had the SV 406, you could travel with leather and comfortable seats. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in ST models, known as a sub-model.

    Your favorite in winter: seat heating

    Thanks to the seat heating feature, which is indispensable in winter, Peugeot 406 You could travel in a warm and comfortable way during the winter months. You can activate and deactivate the seat heating features only on the driver and front passenger seats via the center console of the car.

    JBL sound system to remove rust from your ears

    In a 2000 model car, completely original from the factory JBL sound system exists. Thanks to the sound system with an irresistible sound performance, you can use your speakers without any upgrades. Thanks to its sound system, it is highly unlikely that you can find the sound quality it offers even in today’s cars.

    Digital air conditioner display

    Peugeot 406, It had a digital air conditioning system. You can use the keys around the digital display to manage the air conditioning panel, and you can adjust the temperature and directions thanks to the digital display. Let’s not go without saying that, the car has an excellent air conditioning system. In summer and winter months, you can reach the desired temperature in just a few minutes.

    2.0 and higher engine options

    Let’s get to the power side. Peugeot 406, 2.0 liter It had an engine. This engine had a full 135 horsepower and allowed you to keep power and comfort in the middle, especially in your intercity travels. Thanks to this atmospheric and high-volume engine, it was impossible not to hear the sound of power when you hit the gas. With a torque of 250 Nm, this car has a power that can never be reached by “nut engine” cars, so to speak. If you wish, the Peugeot 406 has a choice of up to 3.0 engines. However, the most preferred engine option is 2.0 liters.

    Although it offers comfort and power for you in the middle, it is in the second hand market. 150-200 thousand TL We examined the Peugeot 406 model sold from the band. Despite the features they have, the car is sold at a very low price range in our country. Renault Clio models, whose rear windows can be opened with the arm, are sold at prices of 400 thousand TL and above, while it is possible to own a comfortable car at much lower prices.

    You Peugeot 406 What do you think about it? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments.


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