Presidency announced the bullshit news of the week: 9-16 October

    The Presidency of Turkey’s Presidency Communication Presidency started to publish a weekly “Disinformation Bulletin” by compiling the …

    Presidency announced the bullshit news of the week: 9-16 October
    The Presidency of Turkey’s Presidency Communication Presidency started to publish a weekly “Disinformation Bulletin” by compiling the bullshit in the social media and news channels. The Dezonformation Bulletin can be accessed from the address of

    Covering 9-16 October In the Disinformation Bulletin 9 bullshit information and the truth of this information were included. While this week’s bulletin included high-interaction information on social media, we also witnessed that some of this information was reported by news channels.

    Imprisonment sentence for those who spread deceptive information

    On the other hand, with the social media regulation that came into force last night, individuals who publicly spread deceptive information can be given a period of one to three years. imprisonment was brought. According to the terms in the regulation in question, “Persons who publicly disseminate false information about the internal and external security, public system and general health of the country, in a way that is suitable for disturbing the public peace, just for the purpose of creating anxiety, terror or panic among the public,” from one year to three years. prison sentence may be imposed.

    The bragging news of the week determined by the Presidency Connection Presidency

    • “WhatsApp Three-Tick Read Receipt”
    • The allegation that the offers in the reports of the Court of Accounts were not taken into account in the mining quarry in Bartın.
    • The claim that necessary improvements were not made after the Soma and Ermenek accidents
    • The claim that the Institution’s Delegation Directive has not been implemented
    • The allegation that Turkey treated 92 refugees badly
    • “Ministry of Justice hides child abuse data”
    • “Muhtars register foreigners without any method in the population registry”
    • “The allegation that a female student was harassed and attacked with a knife in Niğde.
    • “The official opening ceremony was held for five portable toilets in Tunceli”

    Statements by the Directorate of Communications on Brason Information

    “Government Read Information in WhatsApp Notices”

    Claims shared from some social media accounts about WhatsApp read receipts are not truth.

    As stated in WhatsApp’s Help Center. In the WhatsApp application, 3 checkmarks are not the subject of words, there is no such application.

    The Allegation that the Bids in the Reports of the TCA were not taken into account

    The argument that “warnings and proposals in the Court of Accounts reports were not taken into account” regarding the accident that occurred in the Amasra Establishment Directorate of Turkish Hard Coal Institution in Bartın is not without fault.

    The information included in the report under the heading “Combating Respirable and Explosive Dust” was distorted and bet on disinformation.

    In the news in some media, the general information in the TCA report was interpreted as “the risk of a firestorm explosion has been detected”. Information on the implementation of regulations and legislation in mines refutes all arguments.

    In mines, dust samples are systematically taken from underground points in order to take part in efforts with explosive dust. In case the results are high, washing and stone dusting work is carried out.

    In this context;
    72 thousand kilograms against 53 thousand 988 tons of production in 2017,
    63 thousand kilograms against 46 thousand 841 tons of production in 2018,
    In 2019, 53 thousand 500 kilograms of stone dust was sprinkled against 51 thousand 763 tons of production. In addition, 25 water dams were established.

    Although the ash rate in the samples is 65 percent in the legislation, it was realized as 80 percent. Therefore, contrary to the arguments, the proposals in the TCA reports were taken into account, and even more precautions were taken than required by the legislation.

    Alleged that Necessary Improvements Have Not Been Made After Soma and Ermenek Accidents

    The thesis that the necessary studies on prevention and control were not carried out after the mining accidents that occurred in previous years and that no progress was made is not true.

    After the accidents, a total of 200 kilometers of “Life Lines” were established in underground openings in all establishments. In addition, Underground Personal Rescuer Mask Exchange Stations were created. In addition, regulations on occupational safety have been made in the relevant legislation. Although 1 A class occupational safety specialist is foreseen for at least 250 individuals, a total of 160 occupational safety specialists were assigned to 6,000 people working underground in the institution.

    Risk assessment obligation has been introduced for all business steps. It is mandatory to have sensors measuring methane, oxygen, temperature and air velocity underground. In addition, the application is carried out in accordance with the decision that there should be at least 1 mobile gas measuring device in each team that works independently.

    Alleged that the Institution’s Deportation Directive Was Not Implemented

    The thesis regarding the mining accident in Bartın that ‘the discharge directive was not taken into account’ is not without errors. The directive in question has been prepared on the basis of the Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety in Mining Workplaces, published in the Official Gazette No.

    In the report prepared by the Court of Accounts in 2019, a general approach was made against the expected risks. The phrase “The decisions of the Institutional Degagement Directive must be implemented meticulously” is for informational purposes, not for determination. All processes of the institution within this scope are audited and meticulously monitored by the Ministry of Labor Labor Inspection Agency and MAPEG groups. Mining activities are carried out in full compliance with the Institution’s Discharge Directive stated by the Court of Accounts.

    Turkey’s Alleged Treatment of 92 Refugees

    The argument of Notis Mitarachi, Greek Minister of Immigration and Asylum, who uses social media as a tool to spread disinformation, that “Turkey treated 92 refugees horribly” is not true. On the other hand, Greece’s inhuman treatment of refugees is documented.

    In the reports prepared by human rights and aid organizations, it is stated that at least 2 thousand refugees have died due to the formulas of wild prevention by EU countries. Legal Center Lesvos, a non-governmental organization operating in Greece, brought the inhuman practices of Greece to the ECHR. The ECHR decided that the Greek forces, which sank the refugee boats, violated the 2nd and 3rd articles of the European Convention on Human Rights and registered the torture and massacres of Greece.

    According to the EU Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) Report, Greek coastal security is pushing migrants back into Turkish territorial waters with inhumane systems. Frontex, the institution responsible for the protection of the EU’s external borders, covers up these illegal activities of the Greek forces.

    In the 2021 Greece Report of Human Rights Watch, the ill-treatment of refugees by the Greek forces was given wide coverage. According to the report, Greek authorities are using criminal investigations to harass and intimidate groups investigating the atrocious treatment of immigrants.

    Some of the refugees, whose clothes were taken off and pushed back by the Greek forces, froze to death. Refugees who were saved by Turkey’s humanitarian efforts, on the other hand, suffered the torments of the Greek forces; They told many times that their clothes, money and phones were taken back to Turkey without fail.

    While the blood-curdling images aroused the world’s public opinion, the Greek authorities did not make any effort to prevent the atrocities. With the increasing pressure of the international community, Greece spreads disinformation to escape responsibility for the atrocities experienced.

    “Ministry of Justice Conceals Child Abuse Data”

    The argument that “The Department of Justice has been hiding child abuse information for 6 years” is not true.

    The Named Statistics book, published annually by the Ministry of Justice, contains information on crimes and punishments, including child abuse. Data pertaining to justice statistics are collected by the General Directorate of Named Registry and Statistics from stakeholder institutions such as the UYAP Information System, the Constitutional Court, the Presidency of the Supreme Court, and the Presidency of the Council of State.

    The statistics produced with these data are presented to the public’s attention every year by turning them into tables and graphs.

    ”Mukhtars Register Foreigners in the Population Registry”

    The claim in a television program that “Muhtars register foreigners in the civil registry without proper manners” is not true.

    With the Law No. 5490, since 2006, the headmen have not been involved in the address registration processes.

    In our country, all address registration processes of our citizens and foreigners with legal status are carried out by the Population Directorates and Provincial Directorates of Migration Management.

    Alleged that a Girl Student Was Harassed and Attacked with a Knife in Niğde

    The thesis that a female student was harassed and attacked with a knife at Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University is not without fault.

    Upon the argument of the young university student, the police teams scrutinized the security camera recordings at the time of the call to the Emergency Call Center.

    It was determined that there was no random influx after the scanning of approximately 120 camera recordings. Claiming that she was attacked, the young girl confessed in her verbal and written word that she produced this scenario in order not to study at the university and to return to her family.

    “Official Opening Ceremony for Five Portable Toilets was Held in Tunceli”

    The argument that “The official opening ceremony was held for five portable toilets in Tunceli”, which appeared in some press organs and shared on social media accounts, is not without fault.

    The images will be presented to the presentation of the agricultural irrigation projects, animal drinking water facilities, pasture improvement projects, pasture and highland road projects, with a price of 15 million TL, which were completed during the year in Tunceli, and the representative opening of the completed projects.

    Within the scope of the program, portable life containers that will facilitate the life of the producers in the highlands were delivered to the Tunceli Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Association. The images taken during the delivery of the containers were distorted and served as a “toilet opening”.


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