Reasons Behind Red Bull’s Success

    of an era “Red Bull gives wings” We owe it to Mateschitz’s business acumen and visionary personality for the power drink that is remembered with …

    Reasons Behind Red Bull’s Success

    of an era “Red Bull gives wings” We owe it to Mateschitz’s business acumen and visionary personality for the power drink that is remembered with its slogan and at least as extraordinary advertisements. This power drink, which is very popular today, was not so popular in 1987 when it first came to the market.

    However, the brand was inspired by Mateschitz, who developed different perspectives over time. sales strategies Thanks to him, he became the giant of the department. Now let’s take a closer look at these reasons behind Red Bull’s success together.

    Some of Dietrich’s achievements are based on being a salesperson during his college years.

    Austrian Dietrich wasn’t very successful academically while at university. During his education, he traveled from land to land marketing the works of the sales company he was affiliated with. Marketing techniques not taught in schoolsand he had experienced the subtleties of the market with his own practices.

    Of course, like every young person, he had dreams and was looking for ways to achieve them.

    in 1982 On a business trip to ThailandHe came across power drinks that were new to him but well known in the area. EnergyHe knew that the demand for his drinks and the volume of business was huge, and this intrigued the young Dietrich.

    He soon founded the Red Bull brand in 1984.

    He first brought the unique Thai drink to his native Austria. By making analyzes on beverages for 3 years; He worked on the brand name, logo and sales strategies. in 1987 as Red Bullwith two bulls logo that evokes strength launched the first power drinks.

    Young Dietrich was playing the deaf frog against all intents and humanities that could damage his brand and ideas.

    In the early years, this new brand of power drink, Europe It was very foreign to him. Therefore, it took time to gain a foothold in the market in its first years. To many around Dietrich the idea was insane nonsense, and they often whispered to him that he couldn’t be strong in this form. But it was the exact opposite and Red Bull has spread globally.

    Dietrich focused on youth and university students, the most valuable target audience of her brand.

    The most credible procedure, in addition to persuasion criteria that help people buy something. “advice from a friend” focused. Free beverages were distributed to students, nightclubs and parties, most of which were on university campuses.

    They made sure that the people with the widest human network and surroundings were seen with Red Bull in their hands. just like today It was a precedent for PR packages sent to influencersand it worked pretty well.

    Groups in America also sent free Red Bulls to nightclubs and bars.

    bartenders from Red Bull They were making drinks. These drinks won the hearts of many customers along with the young people. in the area of ​​America sales skyrocketed . In a short time, the power drink Red Bull became popular among the youth and in many locations. Even today, a new category of beverages has emerged that you can consume without alcohol in alcoholic places.

    Dietrich brought his brand together with extreme sports at the same time and carried out striking events.

    In addition to his attacks on young people; bearing the brand name Formula 1 team took part in the racetracks. Dietrich, who has an interest in airplanes, like skydiving and bungee jumping. brand with extreme sportsoften brought up.

    Excitement, risk, adrenaline and for Red Bull blended with intense energy concepts; Instead of ordinary and monotonous advertisements, strategies have been developed considering the criteria specific to each sales region’s own culture.

    Dietrich Mateschitz; With its strategies that bring people together by achieving the impossible, pioneering many brands in this segment and proving that they are successful. He left Red Bull behind.

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