‘Schedule’ Feature Coming to Instagram!

    The well-known social media platform that frequently comes up with new features your Instagram Now it has been revealed that content producers …

    ‘Schedule’ Feature Coming to Instagram!

    The well-known social media platform that frequently comes up with new features your Instagram Now it has been revealed that content producers and social media managers are working on a feature that will be beautiful. From within the app for sharing images of company, posts and reels timingstarted testing a feature that allows setting

    The platform confirmed that it has tried the feature in its statements. A Meta spokesperson said that they are testing the content planning feature on some of the global users. No information was given about when the schedule will open to everyone.

    Timing can be adjusted while sharing the post

    Users normally take a long time to schedule posts on Instagram third party tools was using. The platform aims to end this with its new feature. A Twitter user named WFBrother is in the middle of testing the feature. The user showed us how the feature works by sharing screenshots.

    When we examine the screenshots, we see that the timer can be used while sharing a post. Accordingly, when users share a post, it appears at the bottom of the screen. ‘Advanced Settings’ has to press . After that, you need to click on the option at the top that shows you can schedule the content and select the date and time the post will be published.

    In fact, this feature was noticed by Alessandro Palluzi, who came to the fore with his posts about portable applications in July. Instagram also told TechCrunch in August that this is an early prototype of the feature, which is not public and has not been tested. New statements also revealed that the feature has begun to be tested.

    Meta’s since 2020 Facebook Creator Studio It offered the scheduling option on Instagram. However, the new feature, which can be used directly from within the application, may be useful to users who do not have access to this platform for social media management. We can also say that Instagram is a little late in this bet compared to its competitors; because the feature has been available on Twitter for the past few years.

    Instagram adds new security features

    Instagram announced that it has brought some innovations apart from this feature. The platform, which received great criticism for not protecting users from negative content, took new steps within the scope of new security breakthroughs. These steps include things like improvements to filters in DMs and blocking accounts.

    Malicious messages coming to the stories can be sent to the ‘Hidden Requests’ section.

    The platform has some keywords and emojiswhich allows to prevent malicious statements by using filtering expanded its feature. This feature is in the ‘Privacy’ section in the settings. Hidden Words’ part could be used. Now, Instagram In responses to their stories This tool can also be used. In other words, incoming malicious messages, directly ‘ Hidden Requests ‘ will go to. It is possible to say that it is somewhat interesting that the platform did not completely remove these messages.

    In addition, the filtering feature knowingly made typos will understand. In other words, messages that want to ensure that the malicious message arrives and that deliberately use the wrong letters to avoid filtering can be detected. It is not known whether filters will be used in abbreviations.

    Other accounts of the owner of a blocked account can also be blocked

    Apart from these, Instagram has expanded its feature that allows you to block new accounts of the owner of an account that you have blocked. This is the person you blocked You can also block other existing old accounts.will allow.

    There are reminders to be more respectful when sending messages.

    Instagram also allows users to Reminders to be more respectful when DMing creators will also show. Published research has shown that women with high followers on Instagram are hardly protected from abusive DMs. The platform thinks that reminders can help with this issue.

    Adding new warnings to inappropriate comments

    Finally, Instagram for inappropriate comments that violate the rules new alerts announced that it will add Such warnings had already come last year; but now new ones have been added. New warning messages when certain words are used are asking users to be more respectful to ensure Instagram is a more supportive environment. These messages are currently English, Portuguese, French, Chinese and ArabicIt is reported that in their language.


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