The 4 Valuable Signs of Derealization, a Mental Disorder

    deja vu we do not live. Sometimes places we’ve never been, people we’ve never met are familiar to us. Sometimes, the places we know and the …

    The 4 Valuable Signs of Derealization, a Mental Disorder

    deja vu we do not live. Sometimes places we’ve never been, people we’ve never met are familiar to us. Sometimes, the places we know and the people we know seem unfamiliar to us.

    In addition to these, although very rarely, we see our surroundings with different and vivid absurd colors. Although these vivid absurd colors surprise us, one reason we see them this way is because mental disorders are classified and explained. DSM 5 and ICD10Derealization disorder is a disorder described in books.

    Now you have a reason to disconnect from reality!

    Depersonalization(often confused with self-alienation) derealization that is, unreality are two disorders that, although in the same category of disorders, are actually very independent of each other. In depersonalization, the person is alienated from his own body, while in derealization, the person is alienated from his environment. Although the reason is mostly unknown, it is thought that the increase in the tension load felt by the person gives the person such experiences. The person may be trying to protect himself from himself by getting away from the environment he is in against the increasing voltage load.

    In depersonalization, the person is supposed to be in his own body. was an outside observer feels about. He even talks about himself in the third person from time to time. Let’s say your name is Liked. If you have this disorder, you are likely to say ‘Gözde didn’t like it at all’ when stating that you don’t like something.

    DerealizationOn the other hand, it is defined in DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) in the form of “Experiences of unreality or disconnection in relation to the surroundings (Ex: people or objects are experienced as unreal, imaginary, foggy, lifeless or visually distorted)”. .

    If you have derealization often ” I guess I’m experiencing deja vu” Situations can happen to you. As you know, in déjà vu, places, an event, a person we have never lived in before are familiar to us and we feel like we have lived that moment before. Although this situation is called déjà vu in public, it is not mentioned in the medical literature. I saw the event is called. There is also a version of this that is “I have never seen it (jamais vue)”. In this, the places you know and the people you know are foreign to you and you feel like you have never seen them before.

    If you suspect you have derealization, pay attention to these items!

    But I’m not crazy so why do I feel this way!

    In both derealization and depersonalization there is no accidental deterioration in your ability to appreciate truth. Both are usually in young individualsmore common and is temporary . For this reason, if from time to time you feel as if you are not from this world, you are from outer space, do not be afraid, you are not crazy; it’s just possible that you’re suffering from a mental illness, that’s all.

    Because of what I’ve been through, I’m getting worse with myself, they think I’m doing it on purpose!

    a symptom in psychology disease level, It is measured by how much it affects your life. Let’s suppose that people you know began to seem unfamiliar to you, and as a natural consequence of this, you treated them coldly. This has now reached such a level that those around you have begun to think that you are not acting normally, so in such a situation, you are likely to have this disorder. Because this mental disorder; with its prestige nature, it makes you difficult in social and work-related fields, decline in your functionalitycauses it to happen.

    Okay, but I’m not in a good mood, why is this happening to me?

    If you suspect that you have this disorder, you can use a random scam that has side effects such as pushing you out of life, making you feel alien to your environment. matter or drug You need to make sure you are not under the influence. If you continue to experience things one-on-one despite being sure of this, the reasons may be; daily anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, hectic life events, presumably extremetea, coffee, alcohol and other toxic causes.

    Am I schizophrenic?

    such as schizophrenia, panic disorder, depression, fear in psychological disorders In addition, symptoms similar to the symptoms of derealization disorder are frequently observed. The person feels alien to his environment. He thinks he is an alien. But in such situations, you no longer call this disorder you have derealization, you say another existing mental disorder. Therefore, only symptoms of derealization disorder are required.

    What should be done for diagnosis and treatment processes?

    If you suspect that you have the substances listed above, the first thing you should do is to visiting a psychiatric clinic will be. There are periods in which the disorder in question improves, but renews itself again. Although there is no complete cure, there are drugs used in the treatment of the disease and thought to have a therapeutic effect. Along with these, different therapy techniques are also used in the treatment of the disease.

    Note: The information given in this article has been written to increase your awareness of yourself. You cannot diagnose yourself or anyone else with this information. Do not forget to apply to psychiatry clinics for diagnosis and treatment processes.

    Sources: DSM 5, Mental Health and Disorders book (Orhan Öztürk)


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