The New Way to Get Double Salary: Overemployment

    In business life, especially young professionals, open new ways or add new qualities to known ways, both in order to benefit from the …

    The New Way to Get Double Salary: Overemployment

    In business life, especially young professionals, open new ways or add new qualities to known ways, both in order to benefit from the opportunities provided by digital transformation as comprehensively as possible, and not to drown in economic and social turmoil.

    One of these analyzes is what is called “overemployment” in English. “overwork”or “multitasking” concept that we can translate as This is a model focused on increasing your income by working multiple jobs at the same time. Working in multiple jobs at the same time is not a new system. Today, many people in developed countries work in more than one institution to make a living, especially in shift jobs, and try to increase their income.

    Overemployment is a departure from this classic model, because it is based on the idea of ​​increasing profits while reducing the time and effort spent on tasks, not more work:

    Multi-tasking professionals typically in the hands of a full-time employee He has more jobs than he has. Having more work than is needed can also be considered as being too busy.

    This model is more suitable for remote working areas such as the technology department by its nature. As long as it is outside of the traditional working patterns, it is possible to carry out two jobs within the time allotted to work. possible and even profitable sightingswe witness.

    You don’t necessarily have to work overtime to increase earnings:

    In today’s world, where institutions expect their employees to complete a certain job rather than work for a reasonable period of time, to show high performance in both jobs with an appropriate time planning, thus, the results obtained without working overtime. raise earningspossible.

    A special predisposition to this model is observed among professionals working remotely in the technology branch, because technology department employees can do their jobs from a random place and employees are not expected to be physically present at their workplaces most of the time. The division still generates decent income, which means that professionals who want to multitask be able to work two jobs at the same timemakes it possible.

    The first person to realize multi-tasking with the meaning it has gained today, Isaac P. Isaac, is someone who lost his job during the pandemic process and then started to work in another institution while working in one institution to increase his economic power and to work more efficiently:

    Related to this, he has also set up a website called Multitasking can sound gruesome. However, it should not be overlooked that the key here is not the amount of hours worked, but the intensity of the work done. If your multi-tasking means that the time you devote to work prevents your life, this model may not be suitable for you. However, if both your industry and your working model are suitable for working in two jobs at the same time, and if you can fulfill the requirements of both jobs without sacrificing yourself with an agile time planning, taking on a lot of work can provide you with both financial returns and special satisfaction.

    This overworking trend, led by Isaac P., is basically different from working overtime for a living: the “overemployment” path; in a branch that does not rely on physical presence, not to make a living, professionals who want to increase their financial strengthadopts

    In order for multi-tasking not to mean working really hard and getting exhausted, it is not enough for the business model and department to be suitable for it, but the employee must also take care to ensure this balance. Not to drown under the workload, while working not failing the institutionsIt requires an important work discipline.

    If you are going to choose the way of overloading, you should make your medium and long-term plans according to your life purpose, what your job expects from you, the employee identity strategy you need to create, and create an individual network accordingly:

    These plans and strategic precision will affect the most basic need of your professional life from now on, namely your performance management. Personally evaluate your performance in accordance with the requirements of the operating model you have chosen. manage with great careIt will be necessary, because maintaining your work efficiency and maintaining your work life stability depends on it.

    So, what does multitasking mean for companies? Today, companies do not maintain ties with their employees mainly through contracts and a reasonable legal framework. Of course, these are the basic facts of business life, but today, companies are expected to bring their employees together with a common purpose and value, and to add new things to them while rising above their efforts.

    When multitasking, apart from personal work discipline, performance management, suitability of the segment and working model, the value of the bond established with the companies that work with is revealed here: Professionals who choose the “overemployment” pathWhile making various profits from the institutions they work for, they cannot ignore being in harmony with the identity of the institutions and adding value to the institutions.

    Getting multiple or multiple jobs is one of the responses to the global transformation we are going through, especially the pandemic process. The efficiency it will provide due to its dynamics is vitally dependent on the personal effort of the employee. It may not be suitable for everyone, but it is obvious that if it is applied efficiently, it will yield returns in various fields. There are two keys to be sustainable and benefit both the employee and the corporation: One is performance management, and the other is maintaining a work-life balance. It is for us to see that an “overemployment” model based on this has become widespread. amazingit won’t.


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