The number of serial killers dropped drastically after 1980: So what’s the reason?

    the second half of the twentieth century, especially United States of America It was a very disturbing period. The truth is that, from the …

    The number of serial killers dropped drastically after 1980: So what’s the reason?
    the second half of the twentieth century, especially United States of America It was a very disturbing period. The truth is that, from the 1970svery difficult to catch from serial killers It operated in many states. some arrestedand they are now well known – at least 36 peoplepsychopath responsible for his death Ted Bundythe biggest example of this.

    mysterious among them zodiacSome serial killers, including never caught . Researchers have recently with serial murdersanalyzed the relevant statistics and since 1980evident in the number of errors of this type. reduction They were surprised when they discovered it was. well in the world number of serial killersWhat happened to affect?

    serial killer database

    serial killer databaseprofessor of psychology named in 1990 Michael AamodtAbout serial killers from students of as much as possible It started with asking them to gather a lot of information. His disciples told him ” your maniacs” their biographies, their chronology of crimesand many other information, and this task perfectly Completed. Michael Aamond for a long time hid his folders , but was later added to the Radford University website. After that the database with new informationstarted updating and the most detailedbecame one of the databases.

    serial killersoften at intervals longer than a month two or more murdersrecognized as perpetrators to indicate must. In other words, a person if he killed several people at once, this person cannot be called a serial killer – it’s more it’s mass murder.

    What is known about serial killers

    soon, from various universitiesspecialists database on serial killers viewedand some interesting discoveries found . Most of these individuals of the year 1900this type from the beginning. 3,613 perpetratorsrecorded in the United States they operate appeared. Also in the UK, Japan, South Africa, India and Canada lots of serial killersthere was.

    Serial killers are often was male . Main reasons it was theft, but sometimes there was no reason – mistakes are worthless, mental balanceby out-of-state individuals was being processed . Female killers are often their own familiesthey would kill their members and their favorite weapons they poisoned . Thanks to the database, scientists shocking facts also revealed. For example, of men1.8% of women1.3% of eats its victims, that is, cannibalism detectionbeen done.

    Why has the number of serial killers decreased sharply?

    Serial killers in the United States 700 perpetratorslocated in 1980 had reached the top. Later on, slowly, the number of murders of this kind is clearly started to declineand according to the authors of scientific studies, in the 21st centuryNumber of American serial killers less than 100 individuals . The difference in the middle is huge, so of scientistshas a question: All this about what?

    1. Number of crimes for various reasons is thought to be decreasing. First of all, the police capacity to find killershigher, especially for the purpose of robbery if they have committed an offence. Humans in the 1970s cash Moneywas using, so his movements follow It was very difficult. Multiple people today ATM cardand all kinds of processes can be trackedand before the wrongdoers commit more murders they can be caught.
    2. in serial killers of the decreaseThe second reason is stricter laws . The authors of the research article, 20th centuryin the middle of the wrong that you can be freeand old procedures that you can come back they state. Statistics in the database in the 1950s ” psychopaths” about 16.8 percent of having been evacuated Then he reveals that he is a serial killer. Today, of serious criminalspossibility of liberation much lowerand this is the error to decreasehas been helpful.
    3. Third, very few people today hitchhikingmany people actively taxiservices and busesusing or own to their cars owner. This is the number of murders in the decreasemust have played a valuable role, because 1970many people in hitchhikingand serial killers victimas random hitchhikers was choosing . One of these killers 1965-1977on California roads in the middle of the year more than 20killing the young Patrick Kearney is . still alive and life-long prison sentencepulling.

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