What is WPS? How to Use WPS?

    If you can read this article right now, it means you have a modem and internet contact in your home. When your modem was installed for the …

    What is WPS?  How to Use WPS?

    If you can read this article right now, it means you have a modem and internet contact in your home. When your modem was installed for the first time, you entered a password to connect to the wireless Wi-Fi network and you probably never changed that password again. It’s enough, but modem passwords are usually easy to crack, is this security measure enough? Of course not, mainly for this reason if you look at the top of the modem there is a WPS buttonor you’ll see a WPS password next to it.

    If you say OK, what happens when you press the WPS button, our answer will be, your Wi-Fi network will be much more reliable. Because with the WPS feature, you create a network within the network and thus you will make your internet relationship much more reliable. This feature has improved so much that some compatible modems and devices can now be connected to each other with NFC. Bride What is WPS, what is it for, how to open itLet’s examine the questions you wonder in detail.

    How to use WPS?

    • Method #1:WPS connection by entering PIN
    • Method #2:WPS connection at the push of a button
    • Method #3:WPS connection with NFC

    Let’s start with the basics, what is WPS?

    Wi-Fi Simple Config, WPS for short, in Turkish, Suram with Wi-Fi Protection; first introduced in 2006. wireless network security protocol or in other words, it is a network security standard. This system, which is in almost all Wi-Fi wireless network modems today, enables users who do not have a grasp of technical details to create a reliable wireless home network.

    So what does WPS do?

    You probably still use the password on the Wi-Fi wireless network modem you use in your home or the password you created yourself. Some users even try to make their work easier. This removes the password completely. Good, but is an easy password enough to prevent anyone who is within Wi-Fi coverage from connecting to this network?

    Modem passwords are generally the easiest to crack. Because many users do not care about the modem password. However, these passwords are the primary key to your virtual privacy. This is where WPS comes into play. After activating the WPS feature of your modem, even someone who knows your modem password needs approval of the WPS protocol before connecting to your network. In other words, we can say that WPS is a kind of two-factor authentication of Wi-Fi wireless network modems.

    What happens when I press the WPS button, should WPS be turned on on the modem?

    One of the WPS opening formulas, which we will explain in detail, is on the modem. Pressing the WPS button or hold it down for a while. In other words, when you press the WPS button on the modem, you activate this security protocol. The light of the WPS button will turn off when the relationship is established or after a certain period of time.

    The answer to the question of whether WPS should be turned on in the modem depends on user habits. If your Wi-Fi wireless network modem If you want it to be much more faithful It wouldn’t be bad at all if WPS was on. But if you say, my password is enough for me, who will connect to my network; ok, even with WPS turned off.

    How to use WPS and how to turn it on? Procedures to connect with WPS:

    Method #1: WPS connection by entering PIN:

    Modem password and WPS PIN are different from each other. WPS PIN can be written on the back of the modem, just like the modem password, but many times when you enter the modem interface you will see. In general, if there is no WPS button on the modem, it is necessary to enter the modem interface in order to activate this security protocol.

    Enter your modem interface with a procedure that varies depending on the modem brand and your internet service provider. From the settings page Activate the WPS feature and connect to the network by entering the WPS PIN while in the network area. In older modem models, you may need to configure WPS manually, but many new models come with this protocol by default.

    Method #2: WPS association by pressing the button:

    We know that the lights and buttons on the modem can be confusing sometimes, but if you look carefully, if there is The WPS button will quickly catch your eye.The easiest and most effective way to activate the WPS security protocol is to use the WPS button on the modem.

    Depending on your modem brand, you should press the WPS button once or keep it pressed for a while. When the light starts to flash You connect your device to the network via WPS security protocol. The WPS button light will turn off by itself when the connection is established or when there is no random connection and a certain period of time has passed. On some models, the light may come on during contact.

    Method #3: WPS connection with NFC:

    If you are saying that there is no PIN or button or something technological, let us introduce you to the near field connection procedure, namely NFC. NFC is actually today’s technology, not the future.but unfortunately, most of the modem models given to you by your internet service provider do not have such a feature.

    To provide WPS contact using NFC method, you need a modem and device with NFC capability. If both have this feature All you have to do is bring the device closer to the modem. With this approximation, you will be connected to your Wi-Fi wireless network modem over the WPS security protocol in seconds.

    There is another WPS relationship method that we did not open a different topic because it is no longer in use, USB and WPS relationship. Just like we used to use on computers without Wi-Fi, you were plugging a USB device into your computer and connecting to your network via WPS protocol with this device. However, as we said, it is not a method used anymore.

    Short answers to the curious WPS questions:

    What if WPS is turned on? If WPS is turned on, you will be connected to your network over the WPS security protocol. But not always openbecause in this case he would not be a believer.

    How to turn off WPS? If you are connected with a PIN code, from the modem interface, if you are connected with a button, with a button, If you are connected with NFC You can also turn off the WPS protocol from the modem interface. Turning the modem off and on is also an option.

    Why is the WPS light not on? With or without WPS connection WPS turns off when a certain time has passed.You can get the most accurate information about your modem model by looking at the modem’s user manual or contacting the manufacturer.

    which makes your Wi-Fi wireless network modem much more reliable. What is WPS, what is it for, how to open it We talked about the details you need to know about this security protocol by answering curious questions such as: Since the WPS feature is used in different forms in different brands and models of modems, it is best to get information from the manufacturer.


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