Why Are Tractors Front and Rear Wheels Different Lengths?

    Tractors, which came as a revolution in the field of agriculture, greatly facilitated the work of people. It is capable of performing extremely …

    Why Are Tractors Front and Rear Wheels Different Lengths?

    Tractors, which came as a revolution in the field of agriculture, greatly facilitated the work of people. It is capable of performing extremely powerful tasks quickly with its very powerful engines. tractors paves the way for us to process much larger places with less manpower. Well, have you ever thought about why tractors are designed like this? Why are the rear wheels so much bigger while the front wheels of these machines are small?

    Today, we will tell you why tractors, which are indispensable in the field of agriculture, front wheels with large rear wheels We will explain that it is smaller. At this point, many issues from cost to technical bets come into play.

    Let’s first understand how the tractor works.

    Tractors generally have 4×2 traction. There is power in 2 wheels instead of power in 4 wheels. This power is transmitted to the rear wheels. well We can say that tractors are after-thrust vehicles.Since their usage areas are mostly muddy and uneven places, they must have powerful engines.

    Why do tractors have big wheels in the back?

    diesel engine Tractors that use it come with large wheels after that so they can continue on rough terrain without any problems. behind the tractors tires with large and large surface area , ensures the traction of the vehicle even in the most severe places. For example, if an ordinary car enters a field with soft soil, its wheels will likely sink to the ground and the vehicle will remain stuck in the ground.

    Tires, which are located behind the tractors and have both a large diameter and a large surface area, prevent the tractor from being stuck on the base. However, tractor tires to wide teethEven if it moves softly, it helps it to move without skidding.

    If these big tires are so advantageous, why are there small wheels in the front?

    Although big wheels are very successful in terms of drawbacks, they are not very successful when it comes to agility. Having smaller wheels at the front make the tractor much more agile It allows you to make sharp turns. At the same time, the big wheel also causes issues with vision. Small wheels at the front allow the driver to see a much wider area. Finally, small tires are more affordable than large tires.

    Although it is advantageous to have large tires, there is no need for large tires at the front. The small tires in the front therefore avoid an extra cost. revealed agilityWhen factors such as these are added, it is sufficient for only the rear wheels to be large.

    Different wheel lengths also really distribute the load.

    You know that the tractor’s engine is in the front. This means that the scale is spread forward without error. The task of balancing this falls to the rear wheels. Extremely heavy rear wheels prevents the scale from being only forward. In addition, the larger diameter of the rear wheel means that the axle is higher. This allows the tractor to work as a lever. This type of tractor increases the maximum pulling force even more before the vehicle rolls over. In other words, the rear wheels enable the vehicle to make the pulling power faithfully and also spread the scale of the tractor to the general.

    Big wheels also protect the soil.

    The natural environment of tractors is soil. Tractors that prepare the soil before the seeds are planted, as they are very heavy. can also compact the soil . The wide surface area of ​​the after tires also comes into play at this point. Thanks to this width, the scale is dispersed on the soil and the tires do not compress the soil too much. Considering that it would be very difficult for plants to grow in compacted soils, we can say that these wheels perform another vital movement.

    Today we explained to you why the rear wheels on tractors are larger than the front wheels. If you want more such content, do not forget to share it with us in the comments section.

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