Why Aren’t Solar-Powered Cars Produced?

    With the aim of making the world a better place an alternative to fossil fuels electric cars emerged. In fact, these cars also get their power …

    Why Aren’t Solar-Powered Cars Produced?

    With the aim of making the world a better place an alternative to fossil fuels electric cars emerged. In fact, these cars also get their power depending on a place, but at least more than fossil fuels. a clean power supplydisplayed as.

    The companies, which started with the idea of ​​making an environmentally friendly car with unlimited solar power, tried to design a car that was powered by solar panels many times. well why solar powered carscan’t we?

    Did you know that the first electric car was made in 1835?

    In fact, the history of electric cars is not short at all, in 1835. Thomas Davenport An electric car was built by him. But now the technology was not at a sufficient level at that time and this idea was not reinforced. For example, in 1912 electric carat $1,750 gasoline carIt was selling for $650.

    Gasoline cars were both more powerful at that time and electric cars were discontinued for a short time, as fuel was easier to reach. to the dusty pages of historymanaged to hide it.

    In recent years, electric cars have revolutionized the automotive industry.

    Automobiles, which have been powered by fossil fuels for many years, are now new. getting their power from electricity started. In the automotive world, with designs that seem to come from the future, especially Tesla, people’s preference is now these innovative cars. Along with Tesla, many companies started to invest in electric automotives.

    Although electric cars are neat, they also have many disadvantages. Well, instead of these cars powered directly by the Sun. solar panel carsCan it be produced?

    With the power that the sun offers us for free, the % of cars 100 nature friendlyIt may seem like a very good idea at first.

    But this idea is far from being a successful plan in today’s world. We all know that cars must have high powers. This power that cars need is currently due to the not very efficient technology of solar panels. we get from the sunit does not seem possible.

    Solar panels need large areas to generate power. of cars Due to its limited space,The energy produced will be insufficient for the car.

    If we develop solar panels, the next problem is that the Sun is not always at our peak.

    The most efficient of sunlight The hours are the noon hours of each country. We also have to say that only 55% of the Sun’s power reaches the Earth.

    As this is the case, the cars powered by the Solar panel are only maxed out at noon. able to generate energy . Therefore, it is thought that it will be difficult to produce the measure of power that the car needs during the day.

    Let’s say we live in a place where the Sun is at our peak for 10 hours a day, so what if it’s cloudy? That day if it rainsCan’t we use our car?

    Even if we create a world where the sun never sets, this time we face cost and efficiency problems.

    Let’s assume that we have a wonderful Earth to use this energy, and that the Sun is scorching this Earth from the heat. In this way solar panelsIt will be an incredible strength.

    Even if this were true, the costs would cause us problems. According to a study, only to make solar panels suitable for cars and use them. car head A price of $10,000 comes up. This is when we consider automobile prices abroad. a high coststands out as.

    We have a lot of money, even if you say that we want to use this technology, this time, the efficiency of the panels may bother you. panels to generate electrical power photovoltaic cells uses. When sunlight hits the PV cells, electricity is produced.

    This efficiency of cells only 20%. In other words, only 20% of the sun’s rays are available to us.

    Although it is such a difficult issue to solve, it is still solar powered. Lightyear 0 is available for pre-order.

    Lightyear 0, developed by the Dutch Can work with solar power . The vehicle, which can travel 625 kilometers with electricity, can travel a range of 70 kilometers thanks to the solar panels on it.

    top of the car covered with solar panels and thus the car can fill up to 35 kilometers in open air. In addition, according to the company’s statement; vehicle in hot places, for example in Africa 7 months on a single chargeavailable throughout.

    Since it is a fairly new technology at the moment, how real these data are will be determined after the vehicle meets the end user. Lightyear 0If you want to buy now, you have to pay a price of 250.000 € (excluding taxes in our country).

    Instead of buying a solar powered car, you can buy 2 Model Xs.

    solar powered Lightyear 0 A price of 250,000 € is too high at the moment. On the other hand, the enhanced Plaid version of Tesla’s Model X can be purchased for $130,000.

    In other words, it is possible to buy 2 latest model electric cars instead of 1 solar powered car. Sun With the cheapening of panel technologyTogether, we can predictably see more Lightyear 0 cars in the future, but for now only a very limited wealthy groupinterests.

    It does not seem possible to see this type of cars widely in the near future. Continuing to manage with the useless tools of ordinary universities…

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