Why Do Men Think More About Sex Than Women?

    In society, women do not like sex, only sex to please their partnerThere is a general opinion that they live (although the truth of the matter is …

    Why Do Men Think More About Sex Than Women?

    In society, women do not like sex, only sex to please their partnerThere is a general opinion that they live (although the truth of the matter is not like that).

    In fact, the intriguing issue is more than whether people like the sexual experience or not, why do men compare to women? more that’s what he’s thinking about bets. So let’s look at the reasons for this situation.

    In fact, the biggest factor in this bet is that men are sexually stimulated faster than women hormonally.

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    Physiological and anatomical features are different between men and women. When the penis becomes erect in men, it means that they are sexually aroused. But for women, the problem is more complex. Because every woman’s sexual arousal status is different and not clear. That’s why, according to psychologists, the hormone structure of men has sex. more easily adapted is meant to be. For example, sexual therapists say that we can understand that men are ready for this experience when they have a penis and vagina together, because they feel a sudden enthusiasm besides getting an erection.

    Apart from this, a transparent liquid comes out of the penis during sex, which is pleasure water. This is water sperm but the two are different; Pleasure water has a function that makes the tube called urethra in the penis slippery for easy ejaculation of semen.

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    Women’s readiness for sex is related to the following processes: First, the vagina gets wet and expands, then the clitoris swells and hardens, and thus, an excitement towards sexuality is felt. The biggest difference in the middle is that men are more quickly stimulated to sexuality. Sex therapists, this situation in women contraryHe states that sexual indulgence can be seen more in men because of

    Men are more affected by what they see than women, which makes it easy for a man to be sexually attracted to a woman he finds attractive. In women, since sensuality is at the forefront most of the time, ladies sexual romance can call. The reason for this may be that in many societies it is not welcomed for women to have a sexual experience without being tied to ‘marriage or regular relationship’.

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    Men can reach orgasm simply because their hormones are at their highest when they are sexually aroused, and hormone levels begin to drop quickly after orgasm. Thus, sexual arousal ends, that is, sexuality in men is not aimed at romance, it is experienced more instinctively. When British biologist Charles Darwin defined masculinity in terms of evolution; Because of their ‘strong nature, the turmoil they cause, their love of weapons, they are always on the move’ sexual interactionssays they are the active party that started it.

    So when we look at the evolution of masculinity throughout history active and masculine His delegation on being more passive was the evolution of females. The active nature of males has led them to be a breed that can reproduce more quickly. In women, the opposite is the case, women carry a child in their womb for nine months when they become pregnant. Even this difference changes the way men and women behave about sex. The woman needs to be more selective about the partner in order to take care of her child, because the man is automatically programmed to reproduce and be with another person. In fact, the woman needs to secure the child she will give birth to and herself in terms of evolution. In men, without being attached to someone for a long time. sexualityThe situation is different because it has the potential to live.

    One of the reasons why men are more fond of sexuality is that in most societies, men meet with sexual experience earlier than women.


    In a meta-analysis study conducted by Roy Baumeister, Kathleen Catanese and Kathleen Vohs in 2001, it was found that men more frequently engage in sexual ideas and fantasies. Also, according to research, men were more sexually aroused. Within the scope of the research, 91% of men and 52% of women once or moreThey were found to have sexual desire.

    Again, in this study, it is also revealed that men want sex more often from their partners than women. For example, in married couples, the woman is generally satisfied with the measure of sex, but the time passes by the man. 50% rateThis demand appears to be increasing.


    Another finding is that men masturbate more often than women. According to the researchers, the reason for this is that the desire to masturbate is experienced more intensely in men in terms of hormones, which is a common view accepted by the society. well masturbation You can think of it as being identified with masculinity. In a way, while men are taught how to do this behavior at a young age, this kind of education may not be the subject of speech for women. This allows men to meet sexuality at an earlier age than women.

    Likewise, it is unusual for a man to not have sex before marriage, while women can be blamed when they attempt such a thing. When the woman is taught about sexuality only as a rule-based situation by her social environment, women may find sexuality meaningless and become alienated from sexuality. In addition, women’s sexuality is always in society. suppressed has been a secondary issue. Many times, even when girls ask a question about sexuality, they can be taught by their elders that what they say is wrong because they are girls.

    Women may be more inclined to reject sex than men.

    Normally, women enter puberty earlier than men, but their sexual desires may take shape later than men. Studies have shown that men initiate sex attempts two to three times more often than their partners and reject sex offers less often than their partners again. For example, in one experimental study, a moderately attractive person of the opposite sex (someone who pretends for the study and doesn’t know the participants) offers both men and women evening sex. Almost one hundred percent of women do this compared to twenty-five percent of men. rejects the offer.


    In fact, another study found that gay men have sex more often than lesbian women. In the British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, 22% of British women aged 16 to 74 reported that they did not enjoy their masturbation in the past four weeks, experienced a lack of arousal, and reported that compared to 50% of men. they don’t enjoy when they have sexIt has been observed that feedback is given.

    made based on research It can be said that men are more fond of sex than women. Moreover, the fact that the majority of people who perform behaviors such as being a member of porn sites and buying sex toys in the society reinforces this opinion.

    Another psychological reason shows that this situation may be caused by sex addiction.

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    According to social psychologist Roy Baumeister, it may be considered normal for a man to have a higher sex drive than a woman. However, psychotherapist Esther Perel suggests that men are more obsessed with sex than women. experience sexuality differently. tying. While women are more inclined to form intimacy through connection, for men, intimacy can be through sex.

    However, when this situation reaches extremes, an obsessive understanding of sexuality can emerge. Just like subject addiction, heavy sexuality experienced out of control dependence doing. According to experts, the fact that men show this addiction can cause them to constantly think about sex or sexual activity.

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