Why Do Trucks Have Suspended Wheels?

    You may have seen more than one wheel standing next to each other in tow trucks carried by a truck or lorry. Usually two side by side wheel …

    Why Do Trucks Have Suspended Wheels?

    You may have seen more than one wheel standing next to each other in tow trucks carried by a truck or lorry. Usually two side by side wheel While standing in contact with the ground, a wheel hangs in the air behind or in front of them. In other words, we see a total of 6 wheels, two of which are in the air for many trucks. Well, while there’s another pair of wheels that can take the load of others Why do we see them in the air?

    Today we will talk about the function of the wheels on trucks and trailers, which we usually see in the air. Many people think that this wheel acts as a spare wheel, but it is actually a spare wheel. install axle system an extremely valuable way. These wheels have a more valuable task. Let’s explain why the rear wheels of trucks and trailers usually stay in the air.

    The wheels hanging in the air behind the trucks are actually used when the vehicle needs to carry more load.

    heavy load transport We can rate the carrying capacity of the truck and trailer trailers used for transportation with the number of axles. The axle, which is the name we give to the part where the opposing wheels are connected, the more it is, the more cargo the truck can carry. Let’s simply assume that each dual wheel and axle system carries a load of 10 tons. The 2-axle system carries a load of 20 tons and the 3-axle system carries a load of 30 tons. (These loads are given as an example.)

    The higher the number of wheels touching the ground, the higher the fuel consumption.

    When the truck or lorry driver is not carrying a heavy load, he can control the wheel from the cabin with a button. hydraulic raises with the help of The reason for this is actually related to fuel consumption. If this axle system is used even when there is no need, more wheels will touch the road, It will create more friction and thus fuel consumption will increase more.Since less mechanical parts of the vehicle will rotate at the same time, wear is also reduced.

    Wheels floating in the air prevent major accidents in wheel punctures.

    Of course, the fact that there are two wheels connected to a single axle system at the back gives confidence to the drivers. These wheels, which always remain intact, instead of falling directly onto the rim when a tire blows out. takes the weight from the other wheelsand it gets in the way of very important consequences.

    In some tractors with 2 axles behind, the rear axle can be lifted into the air.

    Not only in trailers but sometimes those who carry these trailers also in tow trucks this axle system can be used. Fuel savings can be achieved by raising the wheels at the end of these tractors, which carry more loads without going uphill or downhill. At the same time, this formula can be used for the truck to make sharper movements.

    Why do these wheels keep turning even though they are in the air?

    The wheels, which are kind of idle while in the air, continue to turn, albeit slowly. This is because the vehicle It creates momentum as it moves.Moreover, it can be seen that the residual power turns these idle wheels while the differential they are actually connected to turns the other wheels.

    Of course, there are also trailers where this number of wheels is much higher.

    Sometimes it may be necessary to carry some really heavy structures. Special attractive trailers and trailers are produced for such situations. In this way, it is predicted thousands of tonsEven structures that are built can be transported without any problems as the scales are distributed on the axles.

    Today we explained to you what the wheels in the air behind trucks and trailers actually do. If you want the continuation of such content, contact us. commentsYou can write in.


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