Why Don’t Robots Pass Easy Verification Questions?

    Today, technology, which is in a state of continuous development, automation We see that it provides great advantages in the field of ”. In this …

    Why Don’t Robots Pass Easy Verification Questions?

    Today, technology, which is in a state of continuous development, automation We see that it provides great advantages in the field of ”. In this context, we witness that functional robots and bots show themselves in both industry (such as automobile production) and entertainment (such as Discord bots).

    But who can make applications from scratch, flawlessprogrammed bots, which can process materials, entertain people, and have many more skills, ” i am not a robot It seems that it can’t get past the ” box. So what’s behind this hair-raising and countless internet memes?

    Let’s fix the mistake from the beginning; There can be many things that robots are great at. But we are flawed

    When you see the box in question, first of all your cursor you are taking the truth there. In fact, you probably went a little too far and you’re bringing it back. For example, when you click crosswalk You are prompted to select all images containing You think on a small scale and mark images with pedestrian crossings. And congratulations, you’ve proven you’re human, now you can access the site.

    Now programmed behind you a boat try to enter. When that box appears before him, he won’t bother dragging the cursor there like we do. Instead, move the cursor because it knows what pixel range the tile is in. pinpoint it will get you there and click it. It will then instantly select all images containing a pedestrian crossing and try to enter.

    But the bot will not be able to enter the site even though it has chosen real images like you.

    Instead, the defect code may appear in the verification section or CAPTCHA The (Automatic Turing Test to Separate Humans and Bots) box can loop and ask the bot to always find an image. This is also the price away from her site. Well this verification, of the right imageswouldn’t he have been elected?

    There’s a lot more going on behind it, and that’s where the actual validation happens:

    You can see at the end of every site membership within Google and above. reCAPTCHA , is also interested in your current internet activity history. For example, if you surf the Internet for a few hours and then become a member of the site in question, which is what most of us do, especially if we did not go to the Internet for that purpose, your chances of being humanis considered higher.

    But you can go directly to that page and pinpoint that box. in milliseconds Marking is not very human. Speaking of pinpointing the box, did you know that your mouse movements are also instantly monitored while you are on that page? Let’s get it together Let’s witness now.

    on your keyboard CTRL+SHIFT+J Do the combination and click once on the sidebar and paste the command “onmousemove = function(e){console.log(“mouse location:”, e.clientX, e.clientY)}” without including the quotation marks. Hover your mouse cursor over the site after pressing Enter. Did you see? It’s that easy to watch these moves.

    When you look at your own cursor movements, you will see that you follow a certain path from one place to another:

    But since the bots do not do this and go directly to the purpose, the probability of them being human near impossible . Because even if you try, you cannot tick that box for a machine. In other words, your activity on the page, your cursor movements, your internet activity from YouTube to Twitter, from Webtekno to the site you will subscribe to, and many more are analyzed and whether you are human decision is made. Because of this, our internet usage form allows us to pass these boxes without any problem every time.

    But if VPN If you are using format tools, instantaneous position changes can adversely affect the verification process, just like bots. In this context again and again you may have to choose an image or the verification box may give a direct defect. Depending on the authentication type, you may also have the opportunity to pass, regardless of whether you use a VPN or not.

    Let’s briefly describe the types of verification that we are all familiar with and the methods they use:

    The difference between CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA itself, which we are blinded to trying to solve:

    CAPTCHA, 1997appeared in the year and in its first form ” Are we like robots? It contained words that were barely read with different lines and procedures. Then, when the bots start to get over it, it’s called protecting security. to CAPTCHAAdded visuals that bring different challenges.

    • What I felt when I couldn’t do the CAPTCHA test 10 times in a row

    Let’s come to reCAPTCHA:

    ReCAPTCHA “ Google’s CAPTCHA We can qualify it in the form ”. Because different companies have the opportunity to do this compared to themselves. It appeared in 2007 and 2 years later Google into the receipt. In the first versions of this, it was necessary to write the word in the image, as we saw in the brand new CAPTCHA.

    of the first version in 2018 reCAPTCHA, which was unplugged, appeared in its second version with the most common box we see today. In this version, users are asked to tick the box and they are either automatically taken in according to the rules we stated above, or ” crosswalk”, “ traffic lamp ” they need to select images taken from Street View. Then they are taken to the site.

    Additional info : In this version, the confirmation box can be hidden on different buttons. In other words, when you press the register button, you may be confirming that you are a robot without your knowledge. However, when a friend does this, they may encounter verification based on their current internet activity.

    In the third version, the direct checkbox rule disappears:

    Instead, the system your internet activitya statement that indicates whether you are human or not, taking into account sets the score . If your score is at a dubious level, you are asked to verify just like before. Then you can enter the site.

    As a result, we are able to surf the Internet through our flaws and because they are perfect We can say that bots are not taken to the sites. However, we know that bots will also provide harmony to these systems at some point. What kind of verification procedures do you think will be used when that time comes? You can share your ideas in the comment section.

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