The Negative İmpact Of 2022 On The Game World!

    The Negative İmpact Of 2022 On The Game World!

    The Negative İmpact Of 2022 On The Game World!

    With the development of technology, the gaming video game industry is also on a great rise. Especially since 2020, when the coronavirus broke out, the sector has seen its peak periods with the support of the quarantine process. However, the picture for the video game industry is not very bright.

    Sales of game consoles and subscription services will fall by 3 billion in 2022
    The gaming industry has been experiencing its golden period for the last two years. The upsurge, in which the quarantine process also plays a big role, is apparently losing its effect. Ampere Analysis has determined how the video game industry will perform throughout 2022.

    According to the study, the sale of games, consoles and subscription services will set the stage for a revenue of $ 188 billion at the end of this year. But the previous year this number was 191 billion dollars. It seems that the decrease in the effects of the coronavirus will write a $ 3 billion loss to the gaming world.

    The Negative İmpact Of 2022 On The Game World!

    The Negative İmpact Of 2022 On The Game World!

    Ampere Analysis explains this decline in the short term. He says that investments in the video game industry will make things right in 2023. Piers Harding Rolls, the company’s research director and analyst, gave the following sentences on the subject.

    After two years of great expansion, the gaming Sunday is returning some of that growth in 2022. Because more than one factor comes together to Decimate performance. Even so, the year will end well ahead of the pre-pandemic performance, and the outlook for the sector as a whole will continue to be positive with the forecast for growth in 2023.

    Ampere Analysis, on the other hand, does not attribute this decline only to the coronavirus. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many important technology companies supported the embargo in order to show their reactions to the Kremlin. It seems that the gaming sector has been receiving significant support from the Russian Sunday under normal conditions.

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