David Jones Video Game Developer – Who is David? 2022

David Jones Video Game Developer, known as a Game Designer, who brought such works as “Lemmings” and “GTA” to gamers with great success, left DMA Design in 1999, which was later renamed Rockstar North, and founded Realtime Worlds, based in Scotland. So, who is this David Jones?

Who is David Jones?

Who is the creator of Grand Theft Auto games, David Jones, and where is he from?

  • Name: David Scott Jones
  • Country: Dundee, Scotland
  • Date of birth: October 1965 (age 56)
  • Profession: Video game designer
  • First Game: Blood Money
david jones video game designer
David jones video game developer net worth

The great success of David Jones is due to the game GTA, which is one of the most played and popular games today. When we consider David’s life, it turns out that he founded a company and is engaged in the development of new games. He has signed large projects with the acquisition or acquisition of investments financially.

David Jones Video Game Developer Video Games!

David Jones would have liked to create a GTA-style online game from the very beginning. Born in Dundee in October 1965, David has taken his first step in his career at the DMA Design company. he was able to take the first step of his career with the Independent game Menace, which he released for the first time in 1988. The game, which David developed, sold 15,000 Units in the first place and earned a total of £20,000. After this incident, with David’s capital rising, he decided to develop a second game called Blood Money.

Within a few years, David’s Company, DMA Design, had focused on developing more games. However, Jones’ focus was on creating a new game. His first goal was to develop a fighting simulator game that takes place in some form. David Jones, who came to a very good place in terms of finance, had turned to quite a few studies on this idea. After the release of “Syndicate Wars“, the last game David developed, he revised the game as a “living city” by the company and the resulting Grand Theft Auto game appeared.

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