Why Unity Remote 5 Not Working? (Solution)

What is Unity Remote 5? What Does it do?

In short, what is Unity 3D Remote 5? So Why unity remote 5 not working? Unity Remote 5 is software that allows you to establish a connection between your mobile device and your PC and use them one by one in the Unity 3D editor without having to install your application on your phone or tablet each time. The image on the Unity3D screen of your tablet via USB and control the game that you have developed from your tablet in the Unity editor.

unity remote 5 not working
why unity remote 5 not working 2021? what is unity remote 5?

Unity Remote 5 Not Working Problem Solution

So why might Unity Remote 5 not work? The main reason for this is the SDK problem. Also please be sure to install Google USB Driver.

Unity Remote 5 Not Working Solution:

If Unity Remote 5 does not work, you can resolve the problem by following the steps below:

  • In Unity, leave the option checked in Unity Remote Editor Settings> Device> Any Android Device.
  • Close Unity.
  • Open the Unity Remote application on your Android device.
  • Connect your device to your computer.
  • Choose to reload only
  • Open Unity.

As long as you follow these steps, you can overcome the Unity Remote 5 does not work error. You can also check here for the video: Unity Remote 5 Not Working

Unity Remote 5 Image Quality Problem

As you can see when we run Unity Remote 5, the image quality reflects incredibly poorly. It’s so simple to solve! Edit >Project Settings > Editor is 4 different combinations that you can do in the editor:

  • (faster game/poor image quality) Compression: JPEG, resolution: Reduce
  • (fast game/poor image quality) Compression: JPEG, resolution: Normal
  • (slow game/good image quality) Compression: PNG, resolution: Reduce
  • (very slow game/best image quality) Compression: PNG, Resolution: Normal
  • Start with the best setting and gradually decrease the setting until the game is playable.

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