Computer Engineer Salary (Monthly & Annual Salary) – 2022

Computer Engineer salary, average annual and monthly values are among the topics of interest. A Computer engineer is a branch of science that performs software and hardware development of systems. Using various programming languages, they handle the tasks of developing new software. So, how much do computer engineers make?

Computer engineers can work in the private sector or government jobs. That is why the average salary of a computer engineer varies.

How Much Does Computer Engineer Make?

The computer engineer salary average varies depending on the company or government agency where you will work. Therefore, the computer engineer technology salary varies from country to country and company to company. So, what are the average monthly and annual salary levels of Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineer salary in the United States (US):

  • Per Hour: $26.65
  • Per Day: $275
  • Per Week: $956
  • Per Month: $3,690
  • Per Year: $52,200
salary for a computer engineer
computer engineer salary Canada & Philippines

In 2022, Salaries Computer Engineers, the average monthly salary of a Computer Engineer is $3700. The lowest salary of a Computer Engineer is $3,690, and the highest is $10,518. Computer engineering salary, according to the 3 basic positions, the average salary levels vary.

Computer Engineer Average Salary

The Computer Engineer Average Salary, as we have already said, varies according to 3 basic positions. These 3 basic positions greatly affect the basic salary levels.

Newly Graduated Computer Engineer$2,246$2,689$3,690
Senior Computer Engineer (dec-5 years of experience)$7,221$8,351$8,952
Specialist Computer Engineer (+5 years experience)$10,059$10,640$11,550
computer hardware engineer salary

As you can see from the list, the average salary levels vary according to the 3 basic engineering positions. Computer engineers can also get additional work from outside, there are no restrictions on this. They can also earn high coins very comfortably as Freelancers.

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