How can I create my own game?

    How can I create my own game?

    How can I create my game? Designing a mobile game from scratch is something that catches everyone’s attention. With the rise of the mobile gaming industry, several companies are looking to share this industry. One of the most important things to know about in-game production is coding. How can I create my game? If you want to learn the answer to the question and get the idea of ​​making your own game, you have to know how to code.

    Create Your Own Game for Beginners!

    There are certain steps you should pay attention to in-game production.

    As a first step, you should consider what kind of game your game will be and which platforms it should be for. I want to make a simple mobile game and we should decide that I want this game to be a platform game.

    As the second step, you need to decide what your game design & Game Developer will look like. If your character will have the theme of your game, you need to know how this character should be designed.

    How can I create my game? The question can also lead you to another question. Do I need to know the software? This brings you to step 3. Whether you need software or not. If you have a tough mobile game design idea in different designs, you should work with someone familiar with the software. However, in some simple projects, there is not much need for mobile gaming software.

    And the last step is the testing and marketing phase of your game. You have designed your game and coded it if you need to. Once the game is finished, you need to log into the platforms to sell this game or publish it for free. As a mobile market, you can choose one because the Appstore and Google Play Store have a great reputation. Or you can build your site and publish your game from your site with some cool methods.

    How to make your own video game in 2022?

    For you to develop a video game from scratch, you may only need a computer and the Internet. The process of developing games from scratch is actually very challenging. The first main priority should be to choose the target platform and the target game engine.

    How to Make a Video Game with 5 steps for Beginners:

    • Choose a Game Engine. (Unity 3D or Unreal Engine 5)
    • Select the Target Platform.
    • Learn the appropriate software language for the game engine. (C# or C++)
    • Create the project of your vote.
    • Take the first step in improving your game!

    As long as you follow these steps, you can create your own vote from scratch.

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