Features to come with iOS 16.1 are obvious:

    The iPhone 14 family, introduced last month, attracted attention with both its features and price. On newly introduced phones accident …

    Features to come with iOS 16.1 are obvious:

    The iPhone 14 family, introduced last month, attracted attention with both its features and price. On newly introduced phones accident detection featureit was talked about a lot.

    Apple has recently introduced the new macOS and announced new features that will be available to Mac users. Today, all the features that will come with iOS 16.1 have been shared with users. Let’s take a closer look at all the features that will be released with iOS 16.1 together.

    Matter accessories can now be used with Apple Home

    Thanks to this feature, which is especially relevant for those who use smart lighting and accessories at home, the Matter works of the Konuta Home brand are now available with the Apple Home application. able to work in a fully integrated manner . It should be noted that Apple Home already supports the works of brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Denon, JBL and Pioneer.

    However, in order to use Matter works, you must have an Apple HomePod, HomePod small, Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD in addition to the Apple Home app, and Siri needs to be on.

    Apple Card “Savings Account”

    Thanks to this feature, which will be useful for those who actively use the Apple Card, which is still in use only in the USA, users can access one of the world’s largest investment banks through the Apple Card application. Open an investment account with Goldman Sachs . In this account, which will work depending on the Apple Card, the minimum investment price, deposit and withdrawal price and minimum balance are required. There will be no restrictions.

    You will have much easier access to Dynamic Island

    Long-standing accessibility feature on iOS devices, iPhones with home button when you double tap the home button, on iPhone X and later when you slide your finger down from the bottom edge of the screenactivated, moving the top of the screen down and allowing you to easily access the top applications and notification bar.

    However, when you enabled this feature on the iPhone 14 family, it could not use Dynamic Island. With the new iOS 16.1 update, you can now use this feature. You will also be able to use Dynamic Island easily..

    You will be able to share iCloud photos with your family and friends

    When you wanted to send multiple photos on iCloud to your friends, you often had to download each photo individually or in bulk and send them to your friends in some form. But with iOS 16.1, you no longer have to send photos to friends or family.

    Thanks to the new public folder feature Adding 5 contacts to a public folder you created in iCloudYou can also allow them to add their own photos, edit and delete existing photos.

    Your lock screen is now much more capable

    The lock screen customization, which comes with iOS 16 and is one of the most striking features, made many users enjoyable. In this feature, you could instantly view the progress of applications such as the Maps application.

    Thanks to the new development that came with iOS 16.1, this live tracking feature is now available. You can also use it in 3rd party applications. . You can see when the car you call from the Uber app will arrive or the live score of a match you want to follow on the lock screen. momentarilyyou will be able to see.

    Your phone will leave a less carbon footprint while charging

    Another feature that comes with iOS 16.1 is “ clean power charge There was a feature named ”. This feature prevents your phone from waiting in vain for charging overnight. When you activate the feature, your phone tells you what time in the morning you took your phone off the charge and started using it. is learning and it charges your phone slowly before this deadline. For example, if you go to bed at 11:00 and wake up at 7:00 every night, your iPhone knows and slowly charging your phone until 06:50.

    This feature has been available on various Android phones for a while, and users who have tested the feature have He states that the feature on iPhone works just as well as on Android.

    You no longer need an Apple Watch to use Apple Fitness+

    One of the most used features of Apple Watch Fitness+was helping users in fitness and sports and allowing them to track data such as heart rate and calories both instantly and retrospectively.

    Thanks to the new feature coming with iOS 16.1 iPhone users who don’t use Apple Watch can now enjoy the benefits of Fitness+.

    You will be able to share your keys with your friends

    Thanks to the wallet feature that came to iOS in the latest updates, your hotel card, some car keys You can digitally store the access keys of some residential systems and door locks on your phone. Thanks to the new iOS 16.1 update, you will be able to share your keys with your friends.

    With this feature, you can save your home or car keys. iMessage You will be able to send it to your friends on platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Also, these keys You will also be able to choose how long it can be used effectively.

    So how many of these features will you use?


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